Peoria, AZ AC Unit Replacement: Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems For Your Home

Aug 4, 2023

Beat the heat! Call Clark Heating and Cooling (602-793-2477) for high-quality, efficient AC unit installation and replacement.

If the idea of your air conditioner malfunctioning during a heat wave makes you break into a sweat, you probably should have invested in a more reliable AC unit - AND a more experienced HVAC team. An NCAEC study revealed that 90% of AC systems waste energy due to an installation flaw. So, the probability that your AC unit was not installed properly is 90%. Pretty high, isn't it?

If you don’t want your air conditioner to turn into a scare conditioner, call Clark Heating and Cooling. They'll inspect your system and will do the necessary repairs to make sure you're enjoying a pleasant temperature, higher indoor air quality, and lower energy bills.

They’re like the other HVAC contractors in Phoenix, but cooler. And so are the HVAC systems they install!

Clark Heating and Cooling highlights that proper installation is a key factor that influences your HVAC system’s performance, energy efficiency, and longevity. The company explains that by investing in a high-quality installation, you can prevent breakdowns and costly repairs, which are especially inconvenient during the Arizona summer heat (not cool!).

Clark’s technicians prioritize the quality of materials and precise installation, and will also take the time to educate you on how to run and maintain your system for optimal efficiency. The team starts by ensuring that the unit is properly leveled, in order to prevent drainage and condensation problems and premature motor failure due to unbalanced blower wheels and fans. (If you didn't understand anything, don't worry, they'll explain it all!)

Another important aspect which is often overlooked is air flow, the company says. For instance, if the blower speed is set too high, motors will run inefficiently, condensation will not be drained properly and humidity will be high, which in some cases can cause mold. The team can evaluate your home to identify air flow issues and perform whole-house reducting, if necessary.

“We have been working with Clark for a couple of years now,” said a satisfied client. “On their recommendation we had a completely new system and ductwork installed and it fixed the air flow issues that were preventing our old system from cooling the house. The house has now been transformed even on the hottest of hot days here in Phoenix.”

Clark Heating and Cooling serves homes and businesses throughout the Phoenix Valley. In addition to new installations, the company offers preventative maintenance and repairs for older units. The team is proud of its Hawaiian roots and strives to offer you a superior customer experience by sharing the values of Aloha.

“When you work with us, you are considered ohana, family,” says a representative for the company. “We bring the spirit of Aloha to our work. Aloha is the Hawaiian word for love, respect, honesty, and harmony, and these are the values that guide us.”

If you feel a cool Hawaiian breeze when you come into your Arizona home, it means the Phoenix Valley’s best HVAC team has installed your AC system.

Go to to find out more about their services and schedule your installation.

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