Pennsylvania Custom Graphic Vehicle Magnet Signs: Create Mobile Political Ads

Sep 27, 2023

Now’s the time to shore up your Pennsylvania political advertising efforts – call Big Daddy’s Signs at +1-800-535-2139 to order vehicle magnets with your own custom graphics!

If you want to appeal to voters across Pennsylvania, you can’t afford to stay silent. Share your message loudly and proudly with the help of custom vehicle magnets by Big Daddy’s Signs!

That’s right, Big Daddy’s Signs is here to broaden the range of advertising materials available to election campaigners just like you.

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Its magnet sign products feature added customization options, which means you’re able to tailor your signs to make sure the colors, theme, and text are just how you want them. With a variety of sized cuts available via Big Daddy’s Signs online store, its magnets are perfect for attachment on your vehicle exteriors for mobile advertising campaigns. 

Magnetized signs offer you an easy solution for widespread local marketing. You can place them on your car, truck, or boat and remove them without harming your paintwork, making convenient resources for ongoing advertising initiatives. You can then drive around Pennsylvania attracting attention to your company, campaign, or cause as you travel.

“Get full-color magnets for your business or political campaign,” says a Big Daddy’s Signs representative. “Vehicle magnets receive hundreds of views per day - they’re a great way to promote your business on the go.”

Of course, the most impactful advertisements are those that combine alluring artwork and simple, readable text. That’s why Big Daddy’s Signs offers a wide selection of templates and effects created by its graphic design staff. You can print your slogans and key info on rendered backgrounds to make your vehicle signs stand out on the road!

Big Daddy’s Signs’ custom magnets are unanimously created with premium materials, and built with longevity in mind. Fully weatherproof, they are suited for long road trips regardless of wind or rain - providing you with uninterrupted marketing that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

While vehicle signage remains a resoundingly popular way to use magnet tech, the fun doesn’t stop there. Big Daddy’s Signs offers modifiable magnets for fridges or handout memorabilia to effectively promote your brand and campaign to community members. 

As stated by a company spokesperson: “We offer everything you need, whether you’re searching for personalized automobile magnets, magnetic decals for metal doors, or other sticky signs.”

Aside from magnetized signs, the print shop’s inventory contains a massive range of advertising variations including feather flags and vinyl banners. It’s simple to customize and order them from its official website, so stop by today!

Ready for signage that’ll stay with you wherever you go?

Check out to learn more about the advantages of magnetized signage as described by Big Daddy’s Signs!

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