Parham Zar On How New York Surrogacy Will Define The Industry

Feb 26, 2021

Surrogacy expert Parham Zar talks about the end of the ban on commercial surrogacy in New York – and what it means for the rest of the US and world.

Most people dream of having their own family one day, but for some New York residents, they haven’t been able to start one without traveling outside of state lines. Why? Up until last week, New York was one of a handful of states that outlawed commercial paid gestational surrogacy. Parham Zar, Managing Director of Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute, who is opening an office in New York City, believes that New York will quickly become a hub for surrogacy.

This new law allows gestational carriers (someone who is not genetically related to the embryo) to be paid for their time. These surrogates are thoroughly vetted women who meet strict standards. “When you look around New York, particularly in New York City, people are starting to build their families at later ages. LGBT couples are building their families. They all deserve to have a home full of love and we can make it possible for them,” Zar explains. Everyone will benefit from this, including a common person like you and me.

“For over 20 years now, EDSI has operated nationwide, in surrogate friendly states, out of Los Angeles because California had the best laws to keep everyone safe. Now, New York has what we believe will be the prototype for other states in regards to protections and surrogacy laws,” Zar says. Parham Zar reveals that this isn’t a fight that was won overnight, but something that many within the surrogacy community have been fighting for. The law allows for women to become gestational Surrogates and receive payment, as well as perks ranging from maternity clothing to massages. Intended Parents will be able to look for Surrogates that are healthy, screened, and ready to go.

Surrogacy laws vary from state to state, but only Louisiana and Michigan are left in the ban on commercial surrogacy. “My hope is that this gives people more of a chance to be an active part of their own pregnancies. Before, parents who lived in New York City couldn’t always be there for appointments or even the birth if it happened early. Now, they get that chance within one of the best medical systems in the country. It’s miraculous for everyone,” Zar enthuses.

Parham Zar has been working in surrogacy for over two decades and has seen over 1,200 births through his tenure at EDSI. “I’ve seen many changes, most of them for the better. Surrogacy is a safe option for individuals and couples who want to make that dream come true. It’s a beautiful thing,” he finishes.

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As the managing director of Egg Donor and Surrogacy Institute for the past 20 years, with over 1000 babies delivered, I am truly enamored with what we at EDSI accomplish every day. We have our hands in building families that could not have otherwise been formed without the help of other big-hearted individuals and the advancement of reproductive technology. It is a privilege to fulfill our company’s mission of enabling individuals to achieve their right to reproduction and experience the joy of parenthood, which at some point was almost not possible for them.

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