Now You Can Get Great Eco-Friendly Caret, Rug and Fabric Protector In The Greenwich CT Area By Eco-Fabric Portection –

Sep 2, 2018

A leading Boston upholstery protection expert has announced that Greenwich, CT residents can save money with its cutting edge fabric protection service. Eco-Fabric Protection boasts a variety of carpet, rug and upholstery protection options.

Maximillian Industries dba Eco-Fabric Protection has announced that it can help customers to save money through its high quality protection service, with less cleaning and premature replacement needed. It has been providing these services for years and has vast experience in fabric protection and other similar areas, making the site ideal for anybody that needs textile enhancement services to prevent stains and other marks, or anyone that just wants to freshen up their house and keep a clean appearance.

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Eco-Fabric Protection has been offering various carpet and fabric protection services in the Greater Boston area since 1992. It is a business which is dedicated to providing top quality services at an affordable price, to help customers save money with less cleaning needed.

Some of the services on offer include soil and stain protector, UV protection and bacteria protection treatments including outdoor furniture, maritime and even aviation fabric protection. All of the technicians employed by New Dimension are fully trained and use the latest products and technology, making them perfect for tackling major as well as minor jobs.

A wide range of protection services are available through Eco-Fabric protection, including Fine Fabric and Carpet Protectors, which ensures that the fabrics continue to have a long-lasting, clean appearance.

Eco-Fabric Protection states: “EFP is a professional, full-service fabric enhancement company serving the Greenwich, CT area, including Stamford, Darion, Norwalk, Fairfield and many more. Eco-Fabric Protection sister company has offered premiere carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning & fabric protection in Boston since 1992.”

It adds: “We have years of experience working on both carpets, rugs and furniture fabrics of all makes and can work with you to find cost-effective refresh, restore or maintenance alternatives. Now we are bring that knowledge to the rest of the country.”

Full details can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

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