New Millbrae CA Study – Creative Writing Combats Dementia Mental Deterioration

Aug 11, 2023

Research from Elder Manage Care (630-638-1489) has uncovered that crafting stories with words can assist in keeping minds sharp, invigorate cognitive abilities, and improve the mental health and well-being of those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia – as well as their carers and families.

New studies spearheaded by Elder Manage Care in collaboration with aging individuals, their families, and carers reveal that taking up creative writing can help energize the mind and enhance cognitive functioning among seniors suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia.

Investigations have revealed that crafting stories can help bolster and maintain recollections, even in those with the initial phases of Alzheimer's and dementia.

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In-home care for the elderly provides the luxury of staying in familiar surroundings. Traditional home care services rarely assist in the management of cognitive conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia.

The new research covers Elder Manage Care's new at-home care service which blends home care services with the power of creativity to combat memory care diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia.

The service not only provides home care but offers additional support for family members and carers by reducing the challenging symptoms and agitation that people living with dementia experience. Keeping the brain active with stimulating activities can help to slow the progression of cognitive issues with a commensurate beneficial effect on mental well-being.

The research tracked 10 separate individuals aged 45 to 96 battling ailments like Alzheimer's, Dementia, Bi-Polar and more, over a span of 4 to 6 weeks - examining how expressive writing can be beneficial in enhancing psychological well-being. In a real-world in-home study, the team discovered that crafting stories can help senior citizens sharpen and even enhance their mental capabilities.

Family and carers had the following reactions to the study:

"I noticed immediate improvements in overall happiness."

"XXXX’s improvement in quality of life was clearly evident, she felt engaged and the collaboration kept her clear, sharp, happy and supported."

"XXXX’s depression has lifted for now and she seems to have a purpose in life again. The power of activating the mind is undeniable."

"XXXX served the community for many years. She is much less depressed, the study has brought her managerial instinct out and she now participates in every activity at home."

"I myself have noticed a woman with purpose and something to do every day where before she could not get out of bed due to depression."

"XXXX’s life took an immediate turn for the better. I can see she really flourishes with engagement."

Elder Manage Care's groundbreaking study reveals the power of writing as a way for senior citizens facing mental illnesses such as Vascular Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, or Mild Cognitive Impairment to cope and improve quality of life.

The research demonstrates how unlocking the power of the written word can help keep aging brains sharp and prevent mental deterioration.

Dementia is a general term that encompasses a range of debilitating mental conditions, resulting in weakened memories, decision-making and conceptualising. Of all the dementias, Alzheimer's is by far the most common.

Elder Manage Care advises that caregivers and the elderly should be mindful of indications of dementia such as impaired short-term memory, cognitive confusion, and difficulty comprehending. The study indicates that whilst there is no cure for this condition, engaging in invigorating activities like creative writing can help relieve its effects while enhancing overall well-being.

Elder Manage Care stresses the need to create new strategies for caring for those with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia as their numbers steadily increase. With projections of 78 million older adults facing an Alzheimer's or dementia diagnosis by 2030, Elder Manage Care's approach is a pioneering combination of home care and specialized memory support.

This comprehensive strategy works to keep both the body and mind in peak condition, helping seniors stay independent in the comfort of home whilst increasing quality of life and making the most of their lives.

The study also found that those involved experienced a notable boost in both their emotional connection to loved ones and increased overall happiness. In addition, the study observed that artistic expression through writing:-

   •Can have a powerful effect on emotional health, giving individuals living with dementia a greater sense of value and achievement through engaging in meaningful activities

   •Acts as a trigger for retrieving memories, vivid feelings, moments and treasured thoughts that seniors may have thought were lost forever.

   •Offers a way for those with dementia to express themselves in new ways when words are no longer accessible

   •Reduces caregiver burnout by reducing challenging symptoms and agitation that people living with dementia may experience.

About Elder Manage Care

Elder Manage Care offers in-home and memory care services throughout San Francisco Bay and Chicago, focusing on safeguarding the psychological health of elderly folks living at home, particularly those dealing with dementia. The agency provides specialized home care services, such as Creative Writing Memory Care and additional in-home aid, to promote a cheerful attitude and emotional health for clients, their families, and caregivers.

Emily Chase, CEO comments “ Expressing thoughts and emotions through the written word can be an incredibly potent way to make your presence known. We give those in need, a platform to speak out, allowing them to share the complexities of life as they experience it.”

For more information on slowing down the effects of cognitive decline by combining in-home care with creative writing services, visit .

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