Get The Best Fishers, IN Hearing Evaluation & Tinnitus Care At This Audiologist

Jul 29, 2021

Looking for a hearing aid clinic that can offer you the quality service and advice you need? Hearing Solutions of Indiana (+1-317-973-7109) offer hearing evaluations and tinnitus treatments for patients in Fisher, IN, and the surrounding area!

Are you struggling to hear your friends and family in everyday conversation? Find yourself constantly turning up the television volume? Then you need a hearing evaluation from Hearing Solutions of Indiana!

The hearing aid clinic group has opened a new branch based in Fishers, IN, offering a range of hearing health services, including hearing aids, from qualified audiologists.

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The newly announced branch provides hearing evaluations, hearing aids, and tinnitus treatments for patients in Anson, Zionsville, Carmel, Fishers, Lafayette, and West Lafayette, Indiana.

Hearing loss can vary from person to person, sometimes occurring temporarily and other times signalling a more permanent issue. Commonly, hearing loss becomes a gradual concern as people age, or as a result of continuous exposure to loud and excessive noise, such as in certain working environments.

Symptoms of hearing loss can often be difficult to identify, especially if the problem occurs over time. Difficulty in hearing people clearly, mishearing people and asking people to repeat themselves, and having to concentrate more than usual on conversations can all be signs that you’re losing your hearing.

A hearing evaluation from Hearing Solutions of Indiana in Fisher is the first port of call to improving your hearing health and includes an in-depth analysis of your hearing ability. The experienced audiologists at the clinic are qualified to provide advice and recommendations for hearing aids and can help you to select the products that are most well-suited to your needs.

As part of the grand opening of the Fisher branch, the clinic is offering complimentary hearing evaluations to patients. If you wear a hearing aid regularly or all the time, the clinic also provides hearing aid cleaning and repair services, alongside individualized treatment plans for those suffering from tinnitus and other hearing concerns.

With the latest announcement, Hearing Solutions of Indiana continues to invest in providing quality, professional hearing solutions and services to patients in Fisher, IN, and the surrounding area.

A satisfied patient said: “I saw Dr. Ryan Leahy for a hearing exam. The office was clean, comfortable, and efficiently run, and Dr. Leahy was thorough. He provided a detailed explanation of the audiology test results and significance, covering a broad range of the hearing aids available, their pricing and functionality.”

Hearing Solutions of Indiana are the hearing aid group you can rely on for prompt and professional hearing tests, help, and advice.

Ready to hear clearly again? Visit to book your evaluation now!

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