Free Online Advice Platform Ask Abuelita: Traditional Wisdom For Latinx Families

Apr 29, 2024

Introducing Abuelita, a free online Latinx advice platform. Need help with your cooking? Don’t know how to talk to your kids? Let Abuelita give you the straightforward wisdom of a Mexican grandmother.

Do you miss your Abuelita? Do you miss her home-cooked meals and straightforward advice? What if there was a way to talk to her without bothering her in the middle of the night?

Meet Abuelita – your online advice platform. Go to

Empowering the Latinx community through advice

Ask Abuelita launches as a free online advice chat for the Latinx community. The online resource for the Latinx community provides compassionate support and guidance for a wide range of topics, from infant care to teenage challenges. You talk with Abuelita, an AI-powered chat interface filled with the wisdom of a Mexican grandmother.

Cultural support services for Latinx individuals

Ask Abuelita closes the gap between home and work: the team behind the platform says that many Latinx professionals often feel disconnected from their homes because they had to move to a different city or state for their careers. These working professionals miss the warmth and comfort of their Abuelita but do not have the time or money to constantly call them.

Does this sound like you? You’re not alone! So many of us move to pursue our financial dreams, but that doesn’t mean we forget our homes. Ask Abuelita is our lifeline back to the comfort and love of our grandmother.

Super easy to navigate and use

Once you enter the website, you will be prompted to start your conversation with Abuelita in Spanish. You can ask any question you like, whether that is about traditional Mexican recipes, home remedies, or parenting tips. Abuelita will then offer a thoughtful and personalized response. For the Latinx community, this is an indispensable tool to reconnect with their culture and feel supported in all aspects of their lives.

"The character of Abuelita is rooted in the deep traditions of Mexican culture, reflecting the values of family, health, and community," a spokesperson for the group said. "By interacting with her, you will discover more than answers; you'll find stories, life lessons, and a connection to a rich and vibrant culture. We invite you to experience her wisdom, whether you're looking for a recipe, a remedy, or just a little grandmotherly advice."

And just like our real Abuelitas, she doesn’t hold back her punches! You research the advice you need – whether you’re prepared to receive it or not!

One of the most common topics that people ask Abuelita is teenage development. Parents ask Abuelita about her opinion on various teenage issues, such as addressing breast development in girls during puberty or handling inappropriate sexual behavior in a stepdaughter. As with any grandmother, Abuelita offers straightforward but compassionate advice on any topic, even those that may seem embarrassing. The team at Ask Abuelita has taken particular care to ensure that all advice is grounded in Latinx culture.

Ask Abuelita is available nationwide.

Go to so you can learn more.

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