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Apr 2, 2024

If you are ready to explore your Latinx culture in more depth, Ask Abuelita is an interactive online platform, designed as a resource and repository of cultural wisdom and heritage with a vast range of advice topics.

You're proud of your Latinx heritage, and you want more of it in your life. With the personalized advice from Ask Abuelita, you can bring intergenerational wisdom and heritage into your day-to-day decisions.

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The no-cost website is constructed around the idea of a friendly, warm, traditional Mexican grandmother who is available 24/7 to offer you wise advice about education, family communication, caring for children, nutrition, and more.

With an accessible, inclusive chat feature, the Ask Abuelita platform does not require any type of payment or commitment and gives you access to a vast range of heritage-centered tips and advice, including traditional recipes and community resources.

Celebrate Culture

Recent census data from the Office of Minority Health shows that there are over 62 million Hispanic individuals living in the United States, comprising 18.9% of the total American population. Recognizing the rich heritage and traditions within Latinx groups, Ask Abuelita exists as a tool for greater connection and cultural celebration.

“Our no-cost platform has been developed as a way to provide accessible support and resources for the Latinx community,” says a spokesperson. “Ask Abuelita is also inclusive and welcoming to people of all ages, backgrounds, and life stages, so that everyone is able to join and benefit from our services.”

Get Practical Advice

You can ask questions about any aspect of family life, personal health, or Latinx heritage. Some of the many topics and categories covered on the website include caring for young infants, behavioral problems in children, online security or screen time, discipline methods, sleep problems, and activity ideas.

You may also ask about issues relating to education for children, adolescents, or adults. The focus of the advice offered is on intergenerational cooperation and the development of healthy lifestyle behaviors that are aligned with traditional Latinx values.

Search For Ideas & Tips

You'll have a chance to search for fun meal ideas, party planning tips, or any other topics that pertain to your everyday needs and challenges.

The site features testimonials and success stories, showing the ongoing positive effects that Ask Abuelita has had on Latinx families and individuals. All interactions on the site are protected in terms of privacy and your user data is never shared, ensuring confidentiality.

Connect with your heritage and the broader Latinx community through Ask Abuelita!

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