Expert Moline Air Conditioning Pros Offer Home Cooling Maintenance Services

May 8, 2024

Don’t wait until summer to find out your home’s AC isn’t working properly – call Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC at +1-563-391-1344 for air conditioning maintenance and installation services in Moline!

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When summer arrives in Moline, you need to be sure that your AC will cool your home when called upon. Now’s the time to arrange for maintenance with Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC - offering reliable cooling solutions.

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This team’s home service program operates year-round to address seasonal demand. As spring is steadily drawing to a close, the Davenport technicians are ready to make sure your home is equipped with a functional AC system.

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On-site inspections enable its professionals to verify the proper working condition of your home’s AC units. Any issues detected can typically be remedied by tune-ups or new installations.

The latter route is usually recommended when your air conditioning system is old enough that continuing maintenance and parts replacements would prove less efficient. In many cases, however, the Quad Cities company is positioned to carry out preventative maintenance services designed to keep your unit running while optimizing its cooling performance going forward.

In the words of the company: “Our qualified technicians are skilled not only in replacing broken units but also in repairing your units to save you money. And our technicians will leave your home as clean as it was before their arrival.”

Cognizant of evolving cooling features, Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC is able to install and manage innovative technology such as mini-split ductless cooling in pursuit of zonal air conditioning. Its maintenance program also extends to such equipment, carrying out essential fine-tuning to help keep your home reliably cool throughout the year.

The company provides flexible pricing arrangements and monthly specials in support of your local community, and these are adjusted throughout the year. They’re applicable to system replacements and other vital services - head to for more info…

As its name would suggest, Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC is also suitably equipped to oversee home plumbing work spanning faucet repairs to pipe replacements and more. You need cool running water to help counter the summer heat - and that’s exactly why you should arrange for plumbing inspections ASAP!

“Northwest was very professional through the whole process,” said one recent customer. “They gave me multiple quotes for multiple stages of work, which was very handy in sticking to a budget. The work was done quickly and the technician explained any questions that I had. I am very grateful for his craftsmanship and professionalism.”

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