New Home Cleaning Guide & Free Apartment Moving Estimates In Camden, NJ

Aug 15, 2023

Moving apartments? Before you unpack, make sure everything is squeaky clean – with this free guide from It explains everything you need and every step along the way, and you can even use it to get free estimates from top-rated local moving companies.

Do you know what the worst mistake is that you can make when moving apartments?

It's moving into the wrong one!

Okay, that's... pretty unlikely... but the second biggest mistake you can make is way more common, and it's one I've been guilty of myself.

It's moving into a new place, without cleaning it up first.

Now, I know that doesn't sound like a terrible mistake, but hear me out, because there are two very good reasons why you want to get it all cleaned up, before you move in.

To begin with, some stranger was living there before you - meaning that you never know what's in all that dust, or if there's a film on the walls.

More importantly, though, you're going to want to deep clean eventually, and let me tell you, it is a lot easier when there's no furniture or knick-knacks cluttering up the place.

Here's the good news though - if you haven't moved in yet, this is going to be super quick and easy, especially if you follow the simple steps in this free guide from Just click here to read the full guide, right now, or to save it for later in another browser tab.

Got it? You don't want to lose that guide, because it has a few surprises that can help you to save time, money, and effort - but we'll get to that.

First, let's get back to our main point here - pre-cleaning your new home, while it's still easy.

If you've already moved your stuff in, either before reading this guide, or because you had to put it somewhere - that's alright. My advice is to leave it all packed up and move it out of the way as necessary until you're done the clean-up. It's a little more awkward, but still a lot easier than waiting until after it's all unpacked and spread through the whole house.

This is when you want to really dive into the cleaning guide, to get your strategy worked out.

Obviously, there are several strategies for cleaning a new home, but the guide suggests a basic technique that begins with dry-cleaning or dusting empty rooms, to loosen up dust, dirt, and debris. Just make sure that you work from the top down, starting at the ceiling, and allowing gravity to help the dust and dirt settle.

Once the walls and ceilings have been dusted and dry-wiped, the guide suggests vacuuming and sweeping floors or surfaces to eliminate the bulk of the dry debris. Only after this is done should you move on to wet cleaning, using surface cleaners, damp cloths, and mops.

This is obviously a bit harder if all your furniture and boxes of stuff are in the way, but just make sure that they're also free of dust and dirt before you shift them around, and you should be fine.

Of course, if all of this is simply too much, or you just don't have time for this nonsense, you could always hire a professional cleaner. They would probably appreciate cleaning an empty house instead of one packed with stuff - but unfortunately, I can't offer you any help finding a local cleaner.

What I can help you find though, is a local mover.

Or, to be clear, can help you find it, after I help you find their free estimate tool.

Here's how it works, you just have to click right here to go to their website, and find the giant green button that says "Get Quotes."

When you click on that button, you'll be taken to a simple form you can fill in with some details about your upcoming move. will send those details to a bunch of top-rated local experts, and you'll get up to 7 free rate quotes for your move, with absolutely no obligation.

Not bad for about one minute spent filling in a form, and zero cost, right?

Well, I have one last tip for you, before you go.

If you wanna be super helpful to your friends or neighbors, while also looking like a genius - just do what I did.

Tell them about, all their free guides, and the free moving estimates.

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