Need A Warm Comfy Blanket? Get The Ergonomic Warmer Upper For The Home Office!

Apr 26, 2021

Looking for a comfy blanket to throw over your lap in the home office? The Warmer Upper has the perfect ergonomic blanket with a touch-sensitive pouch for your phone, tablet, and remote control.

If you’re looking for the best blanket on the market, the warmer upper is the one for you. This ergonomic blanket has a special pouch for all your devices, and it’s touch-sensitive!

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The product is designed to provide warmth and comfort while working from home, watching television, or enjoying a chilly night outside, while making sure your devices like phones and remote controls are protected in the pouch.

The company designed the blanket with ergonomic properties. The warmer upper has an ergonomic wing that wraps around your body to provide full coverage without excessive bulkiness. Due to its lightweight and compact size, the blanket can easily be folded and transported.

The blanket’s most impressive feature is the clear-view touch-sensitive pouch. This carefully designed pocket can be used to hold your devices like phones, tablets, and remote controls. Because the pouch is touch-sensitive you will be able to use your touchscreen devices while they are safely tucked away. It enables you to use your devices privately and securely without the risk of dropping them when you stand up.

The pouch comes with a 6ft universal extender that can be used to charge your devices while they are in the pouch. The pouch can be removed to be cleaned, and the blanket can be safely washed in the washing machine.

With the newly launched expanded line of warmer upper blankets, the local retail company continues to uphold its commitment to being the leading provider of ergonomic blankets designed to provide warmth and comfort at all times.

The Warmer Upper is a veteran-owned business based in Simsbury, Connecticut. They are dedicated to designing and producing comfortable ergonomic blankets with special features to satisfy the needs of today’s lifestyle. The products are made in the US with quality Polartec Thermal Pro fabric.

A satisfied client said: “The Warmer Upper made the best blanket ever to help keep me warm while recovering from knee replacement surgery. Lightweight on the joint, super soft, and the pouch kept my essentials right where I needed them.”

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