Nebraska Pouch Packaging Equipment: Ideal Width For Optimal Product Filling

Apr 16, 2024

Looking at different pouch packaging options for your product line? The experts at Pack & Inspect Group in Nebraska (855-232-1850) can provide you with the most up-to-date strategies on ideal pouch widths, optimal product filling, and safe, efficient handling.

Stand up pouches are increasing in popularity for all kinds of reasons. Pouches offer cost savings, are less bulky than traditional packaging so they take up less shelf space, their flat surfaces offer better graphic design efficiencies, and because they're recyclable, they offer manufacturers a sustainable option to traditional packaging materials.

Curious to know which pouch width and which type of machinery will optimize your product's filling and handling processes? The experts at Pack & Inspect Group are here to help you make the best choices. Get in touch today, at


As specialists in all forms of food, beverage, and product packaging, Pack & Inspect Group can introduce you to the most cost-effective, high-performance technologies and machine accessories for product filling and handling efficiencies aimed at optimizing your profit margins.

With over 100 combined years of experience, the company represents world-class Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) and Rotary packaging brands - including UVA Packaging and Junapack - to provide manufacturers like you with detailed information about the machinery leading the way in economic and efficient product filling and handling technologies.


Accurate pouch filling and handling are vital parts of the product packaging cycle that begin with an understanding of pouch measurements and the filling space within these pouches.

Filling space can be affected by packaging options you might be considering - like zipper closures, sealing size, tearing notches, handling holes - as well as the volume your products occupy. Eight ounces of rice, for example, will require a bigger bag than eight ounces of marinade.

With expertise in each of these areas, Pack & Inspect Group makes easy work of pouch width strategies for optimal product filling and handling, and can point you toward the best machinery for the job.

A spokesperson for the company explains:

“We represent the premier brands in the industry for packaging, inspection, and product handling for a full range of Midwest companies, big and small. With our local expertise, whatever your product and packaging needs, we’re able to provide cost-effective strategies for achieving your goals.”


The rotary pouch fill and seal machinery from Junapack uses pre-made pouches ranging from 3.15" to 5.91" wide and up to 15.75" tall. With its captured cam design and patented pouch feed system, Junapack models are low-maintenance and can deliver 40 pouches per minute, depending on the application. Machines can be integrated with filling equipment types that include scales, auger fillers, liquid fillers, and cup fillers, along with custom integration if your product and pouch type differ from standard dimensions and requirements.


VFFS machines from UVA Packaging are driven by servo technology to give you the most versatile continuous motion packing machine available today. The UVA Lima, for example, can support a wide range of bag styles and can be optimized with custom accessories for improved filling efficiencies and minimal material waste.


With a comprehensive line of packaging options, Pack & Inspect Group gives you the opportunity to compare benefits and efficiencies offered by a range of world-class machine manufacturers and their inventories, ensuring you select the right brand, model, and pouch width for your filling and product handling needs.

Are you looking at pouch packaging for better cost efficiency? The team at Pack & Inspect Group is here to help you master the science. Learn more at

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