Motorcycle Injury Lawyers in Queens and Long Island NY Provides FREE Consultations

Apr 13, 2020

SAM or Silberstein Awad and Miklos offer some of the best alternatives for New Yorkers. If you need a free consultation related to a motorcycle accident, call the hotline 1-877-ASK4SAM or visit the SAM Accident and Medical Malpractice Attorneys website.

A lot of people prefer driving through New York City streets on their motorcycles. Paths through Long Island or Queens can sometimes make drivers of these vehicles think they are luckier than most in that they can easily navigate through traffic congestion easily. These also rely on good standards and equipment for driving safely on a motorbike. New York city is of course famous for its pedestrian and vehicular traffic, which sometimes contribute to situations where accidents become unavoidable. When the unavoidable and unfortunate circumstance occurs, injuries and damage are often the result.

For personal injuries related to a motorcycle crash, the injured person might either be a pedestrian or the driver. These are cases classified under automotive vehicles, which include trucks, buses, trains, cars and motorcycles. One of the most recently common causes of these cases are cellphone use while driving. Injuries can be so devastating that families can shoulder costs for years on end, and that is one reason why they should have access to a reliable motorcycle crash or auto injury lawyer with a proven track record. While there are many firms that offer the services of this legal expert, only a handful have intensive focus and high success rates in winning this kind of case for clients.

One of the more successful law firms in the field of auto accidents is Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C, often shortened into SAM by people connected to it. Their success has contributed millions worth of compensation settlements for clients of this firm. Recently, the firm has surpassed a whopping $1 billion worth of compensation for clients in medical negligence suits.

All SAM partners and lawyers believe in the sanctity of life and health, and therefore provide free consultation for any case you might have that belongs to their practice areas. For a motorcycle crash, you need the services of a car accident injury lawyer licensed to practice in the city and state of New York. SAM has some of the best attorneys specializing in the field of car accidents here.

The firm has five offices located in five boroughs of the metropolitan New York area -- one in Long Island, one in Brooklyn, a Manhattan location, one in Jamaica, Queens and another in the Bronx; plus a branch in the city of Hauppauge NY. All of these branches operate with teams of legal experts whose practice areas are in the accident and medical malpractice fields. You can contact or visit any of these branches with confidence. If you need some idea or assurance, take a look at five star client reviews for these offices.

Furthermore SAM is adjudged one of the best law firms in the city and state of New York by US News, the Better Business Bureau and legal organizations in the country. Attorneys and partners like Joseph P. Awad, Joseph Miklos and Susan B. Eisner have storied court and case records with very high percentages of success. SAM often accepts cases that other firms rejected, and goes on to win. If you need a free consultation related to a motorcycle accident, call the hotline 1-877-ASK4SAM or visit the SAM Accident and Medical Malpractice Attorneys website.

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