Mindfulness Book For Mental Clarity Helps You Find Your Way To Success & Growth

Oct 25, 2022

Do you struggle to stay calm and focused in a world of distractions? Clif Taylor is blazing a new path to mindfulness for when meditation just isn’t enough.

Mindfulness Book For Mental Clarity Helps You Find Your Way To Success & Growth

Many of us are struggling to find focus and balance in the age of information. No matter how many meditation apps we download, it feels like something is missing. That missing link is exactly what Clif Taylor offers in his 30-page guide to bringing balance back into your life, Clear, Calm, and Open. This short, yet powerful publication cuts through much of the mysticism which shrouds the mindfulness genre to offer a concrete path towards healing and clarity.

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Clear, Calm, and Open is the culmination of Taylor’s vision for Connected Spirit Publications, providing an entry point to anyone looking to uncover their full potential. Not only does it distill the principles of his previous works into something you can read in a single sitting, but it also provides its own path towards mindfulness and serenity for anyone who has struggled to find their peace through other practices.

It seems clear from the rapid rise of mindfulness practices that we are all desperate for some peace of mind. According to the National Institute of Health, meditation practices have more than tripled in popularity in recent years, as more and more people see the benefits of mindfulness in their lives. Rather than supplant this trend, Clear, Calm, and Open looks to work alongside it, supplementing practices like meditation and yoga with healing techniques to help you realize their full effect.

The three elements from which Taylor’s new work derives its name reflect the three aspects of self that it was designed to heal: mind, body, and spirit. ‘Clear’ refers to the emptying of your mind from distractions and obstacles. ‘Calm’ speaks of a physical state of relaxed flow in all endeavors. Finally, ‘Open’ illustrates a spiritual receptivity that you can take in and adapt to any situation while remaining grounded and at peace.

Through an exploration of each of these domains, Clear, Calm and Open seeks to empower us to employ our own personal strengths in overcoming our unique challenges. Taylor considers this technique indispensable to both his personal and entrepreneurial success and the overcoming of numerous obstacles and tragedies throughout his life. Personal, professional, or otherwise, we could all use a little of that focus and clarity when confronting our obstacles.

Taylor's digital publication is offered alongside videos, webinars, and personal coaching sessions offered by Clif himself, all curated to offer an accessible introduction to Taylor’s techniques for anyone who could benefit from a more focused and serene life.

A spokesperson for Connected Spirit Publications shared that “Collectively, when you practice mindfulness through the Clear, Calm, and Open technique, you begin to experience enhanced clarity that removes internal and external distractions; being in this state naturally guides you to dissolving obstacles, realizing answers to questions, resolutions to conflicts, and next step actions to take to rise above challenges”

If you've ever wondered what you could accomplish with a little more clarity of purpose, check out https://www.cliftaylor.com for Clif Taylor's full selection of books, guides, short stories and more!

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