2023 Mental Clarity, Consciousness, Awareness Guide For Successful Entrepreneurs

Are you struggling to organize the many ideas swirling around in your head into a meaningful entrepreneurial venture? Get a copy of Clif Taylor’s guide to Calm, Clear, and Open mindfulness techniques to develop an effective business strategy with perfection!

2023 Mental Clarity, Consciousness, Awareness Guide For Successful Entrepreneurs

The secret to overcoming obstacles and accomplishing your goals is seeing your creative ideas materialize first in a clear and open mind, and then in the physical.

Connected Spirit’s Publication founder, Clif Taylor, has developed a simple 3-step technique to help you reach higher levels of mindfulness to achieve all your goals.

The guide focuses on a meditative healing practice that leads business-minded readers of all ages to their highest levels of mental clarity, with heightened intuition, awareness, balance, and productivity. Most importantly, Clif reveals insights into how you can transform your ideas into profitable business ventures by applying mindfulness to your entrepreneurship journey.

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A Forbes survey showed that four out of five leading entrepreneurs described meditative mindfulness as an effective tool for dealing with the uncertainties and distractions often encountered in a fast-paced business environment.

The Clear, Calm, and Open mindfulness technique helps you achieve a mind-body-spirit connection that removes both internal and external distractions. This state of mind naturally enhances your ability to tackle obstacles and resolve any conflicts that you may come across in a business environment or in general life situations.

Each element of Clear, Calm, and Open focuses on creating a clear mind, calm body, and an open soul that remains grounded enough to develop creative business concepts, from ideation to materialization. It trains you on how to tailor the practice to your unique strengths and life experiences while using them to overcome setbacks and meet both personal and professional goals.

Clif Taylor’s system is based on real-world applications and past accomplishments as a global contractor in multiple industries across the globe. The system draws from personal life experiences where Clif's 3-step practice was applied towards developing ideas, overcoming challenges, and establishing new courses of action that led to success.

About the Author

Clif Taylor is an author, publisher, and founder of Connected Spirit Publications. He has released other books such as Connections and Awakenings, which focus on guiding his readers to wholesome, daily mind-body-spirit practices.

Raising your intuition and mindfulness to the highest level has never been easier. Visit Connected Spirit Publications' website to purchase a pdf copy of Clear, Calm, and Open for only $1.99 now!

Go to https://www.cliftaylor.com to find out more!

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