Learn What You Can Do To Stop Child Sexual Abuse With This Compelling New E-Book

Dec 31, 2022

Approximately 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys in the United States will experience child sexual abuse. Connected Sprit Publications’ new book Somebody Has to Protect the Children, written by Clif Taylor, aims to mitigate these statistics.

Learn What You Can Do To Stop Child Sexual Abuse With This Compelling New E-Book

Did you know 91% of child sexual abusers are individuals known and trusted by the child and/or the child’s family? Understanding what to look out for and how to step in when you know something is wrong is crucial to the safety of the vulnerable children in our community.

A new book released by Connected Spirit Publications (CSP) titled Somebody Has to Protect the Children offers you a step-by-step guide to helping reverse a heart-wrenching yet significant societal problem.

Somebody Has to Protect the Children comes in PDF, e-pub, and Mobi formats, and is available to parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, and guardians committed to keeping our children safe from sexual exploitation.

Connected Spirit Publications is a reflection of publisher Clif Taylor's purpose-driven voice and expertise in personal development. As a writer, Taylor is devoted to positively impacting individuals, organizations, and the global environment through the power of storytelling.

Download your copy of Somebody Has to Protect the Children right now, at https://www.cliftaylor.com/product/somebody-has-to-protect-the-children-pdf

Somebody Has to Protect the Children is a salient departure from CSP’s mind-spirit genre. Considered an outcry to society, Somebody Has to Protect the Children encourages parents and those in a position of authority to speak up, get involved, and do what they can to help children who have been victims of sexual assault, or are at risk of being victimized.

In short, if you notice something, or you've heard rumblings about the safety of a child, say something.

Most of the gaps in the prevention of child sexual abuse can be attributed to a lack of resources. As adults, we are responsible for ensuring our children are safe by providing stable, nurturing relationships and supportive environments. Clif Taylor offers you a collection of effective proactive strategies you can bear in mind to help protect children from child sexual abuse and exploitation, and he encourages you to spread the word.

Somebody Has to Protect the Children is the first in Taylor’s VSC (Victim, Survivor, Conqueror) initiative. Still in early development, VSC presents Taylor’s proprietary 3-step process for transitioning from a victim (of any tragedy, including sexual assault), to a Survivor, and ultimately, Conqueror.

Though uncomfortable and disturbing, the truth about child exploitation and sexual assault is something Taylor is viscerally committed to bringing to the fore to raise awareness and forge meaningful change.

A recognized author of children’s books that include You Are, Match, Snowflake, and Oak Tree, Taylor’s materials are designed to educate, enlighten, and entertain young readers, introducing them to the beauty of nature and all life’s wonders.

Founded in 2006, Connected Spirit Publications is managed and directed by Clif Taylor. As much a messenger as an author, Taylor has written, edited, and published a wide range of books and stories for a variety of audiences and age groups.

Taylor says, “Protecting the children will keep me at a roar because our children are worth it. Their innocent lives depend on the adults in their lives and it’s time for all of us to create a better world and life for them.”

Architect of the mindfulness technique Clear, Calm, and Open, Taylor was inspired to write what he calls a “disruptive” book to unsettle complacency. By releasing Somebody Has to Protect the Children, Taylor brings awareness and guidance to those in a position to initiate change, and helps you understand the role you can play in keeping the kids in your community safe.

You are invited to visit https://www.cliftaylor.com to purchase a digital edition of Somebody Has to Protect the Children and to discover all of Connected Spirit Publications’ books.

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