Mid-Market PPC Recruiting Software: Access 100+ Premium Job Boards Instantly

Locate and pursue the qualified talent you need to fill your open positions with JobAdX’s cutting edge programmatic recruitment software.

Are you looking for talented individuals to power your company, but can't seem to find them? You're not alone! As it turns out, the talent you need isn't hiding, they just aren't seeing your listings. But why is that?

Well, the first and most obvious answer is oversaturation. Your listings need to compete with not only your direct niche, but adjacent niches as well. Cutting through the noise is not as easy as it may seem!

Another reason your listings may be underperforming may be that your ideal candidate is not looking at the boards you are posting to. You've got to meet them where they are, as the old adage goes.

To help you solve both of these problems at once, JobAdX has created a multifaceted programmatic job advertising system. You can use their software to create high-visibility, impactful placements while also saving big on ad spend. No more untargeted placements - your ads will only be shown to the most qualified individuals when you use JobAdX.

For a free demo of the software, visit https://www.jobadx.com/

The JobAdX programmatic job advertising system can help to expand your reach and targeting capabilities in a variety of powerful ways. Use the system to establish high-impact custom campaigns and promote your open positions to highly niche audiences easily!

The software is designed to provide you with a high degree of control and analytical capabilities while also assisting with campaign variables through automation. Their programmatic system will handle cost control measures and SEO targeting, and can provide by-the-minute reporting to alert your team when further action may be needed.

The JobAdX system is divided into two platforms, each handling a different component of the job advertising process.

The Exchange platform, a hub for all programmatic operations, functions as a control panel for the automated system and allows for the creation of directed job ad campaigns. This system will automatically adjust campaigns in progress by removing underperforming placements and increasing visibility in high-traffic areas.

In contrast, JobAdX Optimize is intended to facilitate a more curated approach to job advertising, providing broad-scale analytics and reporting to inform custom placements. Here, your team can also request placements on any of the hundreds of job sites currently partnered with JobAdX.

Custom submissions for placements on non-partner sites are also available; these requests can be submitted through the Optimize platform.

Using the tools available across both these platforms, campaigns can be run in tandem to ensure that qualified talent can be secured efficiently. Both of these platforms are PPC and provide multiple methods to set and control the budget of a given campaign.

When you use JobAdX to manage your recruitment campaigns, you can be sure that your ad spend will not be wasted. Some clients have saved as much as 40% of their advertising budget simply by choosing to use the programmatic system!

The passionate JobAdX team is constantly working to improve the software to empower small and medium-sized businesses. They are already powering the hiring efforts of many of America’s most well-known mid-sized franchises.

You can contact the team at https://www.jobadx.com/

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