Meet Increasing Indoor Shooting Practice Demand With Range Design Products

Sep 30, 2020

If you want the very best in shooting range design and targeting for professional or commercial lanes, you’re in the right place. Check out Spire Ranges today!

Whether you need bespoke shooting range design or professional maintenance or repair work on any aspect of your firing range, you’re in the right place.

Spire Ranges are known as a leader in the field and provide the very best technology and products. You can create a fully customized lane and set it up with the latest technology to ensure a stunning experience.

Spire Ranges, based in Springville, Utah, have launched a new range of marksman training and shooting range products on their online store. They have developed a reputation for excellence and offer cutting-edge products for military, first responders, and more.

Full details can be found at:

The expert team at Spire Ranges builds indoor shooting ranges and commercial shooting ranges with next-generation equipment and products. They design and maintain bespoke ranges for military, government agencies, commercial and private live fire training facilities.

With the ongoing pandemic still affecting families and communities across the US, demand for shooting practice has risen dramatically. Spire Ranges helps to meet this demand with cutting-edge technology and the latest in product design.

Spire Ranges offer purpose-built products designed with optimal utility, efficiency and effectiveness in mind. Their products are used to train first responders for when their life and the lives of the general public are on the line.

With this in mind, the company continues to evolve and innovate with products created with an emphasis on ergonomic and sleek finishes. Their full range of products includes target systems, range controls, containment, and shooting stalls.

Target systems include Command Recon, Command Urban, Command Fury, Command Bridger, Command Stryker, and Command Treadwell. They also offer modern and intuitive range control systems with user-friendly design. These come with pre-loaded activities and courses, touch-screen interfaces, and a bespoke operating system for a quality user experience.

Fully customizable shooting stalls are also available. These range from solid core privacy to ballistic clearview glass, custom branding colorways and more. Furthermore, there are optional extensions that minimize the effects of muzzle blast at the firing line and ensure a more comfortable experience.

The company states: “Our shooting stalls are purposefully designed with multiple mounting heights for target touch screen controls to allow for wheelchair accessibility at any range.”

A gallery is provided on site to give customers inspiration and guidance in their quest for the ideal shooting range design.

Full details of the newly updated store can be found on the URL above. Check out for any extra info you need!

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