Send Heartfelt Greetings Cards Worldwide With Inspiring Message Prompts

May 11, 2024

With this greetings card challenge from Ann Arbor Send Out Cards, you can make a real lasting impact on the lives of your friends and family!

Imagine you could make a lasting impact on your friends’ lives right now. How much would you spend to achieve such a miracle? With the 10-Card Challenge from Ann Arbor Send Out Cards, you can send 10 heartfelt messages for just $20 – with delivery handled for you!

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Send inspiring messages

The challenge is inspired by ‘The Prompting Mechanism’ - designed to help you make a lasting impact on those you hold dear. The team understands that it can be difficult for you to express your true feelings or emotions, which is why you’re encouraged to act on a specific prompt, giving you the inspiration you need to write a meaningful message.

Break the bad communication streak

According to CBS News, 37% of individuals admit to not having written a personal letter in over five years, which highlights the growing disconnect in personal connections - a void that Ann Arbor Send Out Cards seeks to address.

While social media platforms have allowed for easier global connectivity, boasting over 5 billion users worldwide, they often fail to capture the heartfelt sentiment of a handwritten message. Ann Arbor Send Out Cards understands the importance of tangible expressions of affection and gratitude, and with the challenge, it aims to offer an alternative to the impersonal nature of digital communication.

Make a positive impact

The company says that its 10-Card Challenge is a chance to positively impact the lives of 11 individuals – your 10 recipients and you yourself. By encouraging personal connections through handwritten notes, Ann Arbor Send Out Cards aims to create a sense of warmth, appreciation, and lasting bonds between friends, family, and acquaintances.

You have a 20-day window from the time of purchase to send your 10 cards. This limited timeframe adds a sense of urgency and excitement, inspiring you to embrace the opportunity to spread joy and reconnect with those who matter most.

Everything is handled for you

A spokesperson states: “We provide you with a simple and convenient system to ensure your cards are sent out effortlessly. Just follow your heart, and we'll take care of the rest, ensuring each card arrives at the right time.”

Do you want to find a more unique, moving way of communication? Try something old-school!

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