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Jul 23, 2021

If one suspects they have been mistreated or misdiagnosed, they should seek legal consultation immediately to discuss the options that should be taken and so a case may be filed

Over the years, the medical care that is provided by professionals has been increasingly reliable. Patients rarely question the treatment or prescriptions they are given. Though, medical errors are still being committed every year in the hospital or institution. Thousands of patients still encounter at least a slight misdiagnosis or improper treatment while getting care. Should one suspect that they or their loved one has not received the care or treatment they were supposed to, they should consult with an attorney immediately. A medical malpractice will investigate a victim’s case and get them the compensation they need.

Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, based in New York City.has handled misdiagnosis and medical errors for over twenty years and have won millions worth of settlements for their clients. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to best handle a malpractice lawsuit. The law firm knows that one can go through intense emotional trauma and possible health disability if mistreated and Ask4SAM aims to give the best legal help possible. One does not have to pay any fees when consulting with the attorneys and payment is only required when a settlement has been won for the clients. Visit for a free consultation or call 1-877-ASK4SAM.

An accident can happen anytime in the hospital, from a person getting a consultation to a patient being operated entirely. Medical malpractice can include heart disease, stroke, cancer, surgery, emergency room errors, birth problems, pediatric problems, anesthesiology errors, inadequate or improper medication, plastic surgery mistakes, infections, and more. These mistakes can take a heavy toll on the patient misdiagnosed, and could lead to terrible consequences that can incur even more expenses. If a case is properly filed against a medical professional, a claim can be made to recover the costs.

An experienced medical malpractice attorney will know how to properly investigate a case so they can establish the facts needed to support it. When building a case, it is important to properly identify the persons or parties who are responsible so that the case may be filed against them. In some cases, it could be the institution who is to blame. If a mistreatment or misdiagnosis is committed, it has to be reported immediately, whether it warrants a consequence or not. Many times it is not reported for fear of this, and is therefore just swept under the rug.

Ask4SAM has spent years handling medical malpractice, even the most difficult ones. The law firm fights to end for their clients and will not stop until they get the right settlement and justice the victims deserve. The heart attack misdiagnosis attorneys strive to give the best legal consultation they can provide. A review from a malpractice victim says that “Jonathan was so professional!!! I loved the way he handled my case. I will recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you so much dear Jonathan and the lawyers Silberstein, Awad and Miklos. Can not thank you enough.”

If one thinks they have a case or even suspects a possible error, they should get in touch with an attorney immediately. The law firm of Silberstein, Awad & MIklos has proven themselves to be reliable and excellent in the field. New clients can rest assured they are in good hands when it comes to negotiating or litigating their cases. An individual could have suffered from lost income, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering and an attorney will make sure that they are all made up for.

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