Making Booking Event Entertainment Easier

Jul 25, 2023

How do you find entertainment you can afford for your corporate event? The answer: a turnkey solution created with you in mind. Altus Entertainment has expanded their online booking platform, making it easier to find entertainment for your event, regardless of budget or location.

Altus Entertainment can provide performers for private parties, fairs, festivals, and community events, but the company’s roots are in providing entertainment for corporate events of any size and budget. Since its founding, Altus has focused on simplifying the process of finding the right entertainment for each event. “When we began working with our corporate and non-profit clients, we quickly discovered that the person in charge of planning an event is often someone who doesn’t have a lot of event planning experience and just had responsibility for the event dumped on them by their boss,” explained Altus Entertainment CEO Seth Yudof. “We wanted to create a booking service that makes booking live entertainment for their event easier and hassle-free for them.”

People planning an event for the first time or the 50th time can browse Altus Entertainment’s extensive online performer database. The company offers a roster of performers and entertainers that span all entertainment categories, ranging from dancers, comedians and illusionists to storytellers, acrobats, celebrity chefs, and interactive entertainers. The company’s current roster of performers includes over 10,000 acts spread across dozens of categories. Altus can also provide entertainers who give event guests hands-on experiences.

Even with so many types of entertainment, the company’s core entertainment offering remains music. “The majority of our clients are looking for musical entertainment for their event,” said Yudof. “Some have big budgets and want big name A-list bands or solo artists or classic rock bands, and we can certainly book those acts for them, but the majority of our clients have smaller budgets. Some want a dance band. Some want background music. Some want a solo acoustic act or a particular style or culture of music. Our database of artists is large enough that we can meet any musical need and any event budget.”

Altus assigns an Entertainment Booking Agent to each client at the start of the booking process and takes the time to learn about the event and the client’s vision for their entertainment. Some clients come to Altus with a clearly defined vision for their event. Others look to Altus for ideas...and solutions. The Booking Agent spends time learning about the audience attending the event and the event budget, using that information to develop an initial list of entertainment options to consider.

Geography is not a barrier to booking the ideal act. “Our database of performers includes acts which are willing to travel,” explained Yudof. “Our clients are often surprised to learn that we’ve got quality acts which fit their needs and their budget even when travel costs are figured in. And that’s great, because we are able to meet their needs and solve their entertainment problems no matter where in the world they are.”

Learn more about Altus and booking event entertainment at or contact the company directly at (509)-862-5887.

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