Luxury Cashmere Loungewear: Best Gifts For Remote Working Women & Mompreneurs

Aug 9, 2023

Cashmere Boutique offers simple, elegant, and comfortable pajamas and robes to help you work and relax in comfort. Browse the full range today!

With so many people working from home these days, and almost a third of them admitting to working using pajamas, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your wardrobe.

Yeah, nobody’s going to see what you’re wearing when you’re tapping away at a keyboard from the sofa, but cashmere is all about ultimate comfort. With Cashmere Boutique, your dream pajamas and robes are only a click away!

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The range includes a pure cashmere robe for women, alongside a lounge and pajama set, and a shorter robe that ends above the knee. These are complemented by the unisex trouser and sweater lounge set, which is also made from pure cashmere and is available in black or faded pewter.

Cashmere is known for its lightweight, insulating, and moisture-wicking properties. Its fibers are finer than human hair, resulting in a smoother, more flexible fabric than sheep's wool. The Cashmere Boutique collection uses premium 4-ply cashmere, with four yarns twisted into one continuous thread, which strengthens the yarn while retaining its softness.

Available in a variety of neutral tones, the robes feature a relaxed fit, side seam pockets, and a self-tie waist sash. The lightweight cashmere is soft against your skin while regulating temperature, making the robes suitable for today's remote workers.

All garments in the new collection are ethically produced by master craftsmen in Nepal, supporting fair trade practices. While Nepal is the manufacturing origin, all products are shipped from Cashmere Boutique's headquarters in North Carolina.

To properly care for cashmere, the store recommends hand washing garments in lukewarm water using gentle hair shampoo. Cashmere should be laid flat to dry to prevent stretching, and to maintain the vibrant color and soft feel, bleach and fabric softeners should never be used.

A recent customer said: "This robe is as soft to the skin as you'd expect cashmere to be, even worn with nothing else under it. It's generously sized, and people who are of average or lower height might have to take up the hem. It feels very luxurious and it's perfect for wrapping up on a winter's night."

Want to upgrade your wardrobe so you can work - and relax - in ultimate comfort? Grab your robes now!

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