Low Cost Deer Fence Alternative is a Garden Row Green House and Repels Insects

Feb 14, 2021

Garden Commander is a low cost deer fence alternative and an environmentally friendly, chemical-free, animal repellent that protect your plants from a wide range of animals such as deer, squirrels, and birds.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to protect your plants from animals and insects? Do you dislike large unsightly fencing options which are very expensive to install and keep up?  

Garden Commander has recently launched its unique environmentally friendly fence alternative to protect your garden plants from a range of animals such as deer, rabbits, and birds. These low cost deer fence alternatives can also protect your young plants from early frost and later in the season, even protect them from insects.

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The newly launched Garden Commander is a green and cost-effective garden protector that prevents you from needing to use harmful and undesirable chemical repellents that can be washed away after a rain or two.

Built with high quality 14 gauge galvanized wire metal frames, the Garden Commanders are built in American and made to last for many years without rusting. 

The creator of the Garden Commander was originally looking for a product that would protect his garden from deer without having to use costly earth damaging pesticides or large intrusive expensive deer fencing. 

After being unsuccessful in finding an existing solution, he developed the Garden Commander. The product allows your plants to be grown organically and safe from a wide range of animals. 

The Garden Commanders are all four feet long by two feet wide and are available in either 26 or 29 inches in height. The size options allow you to get a size that suits your garden best and adjustable for plant heights. Garden Commanders are perfect for raised bed gardens or when using the French Intensive gardening method of gardening.

All of the Garden Commanders are lightweight, making them easy for an elderly grandmother or even a child to handle. Additionally, they do not need to be staked down, allowing them to be easily moved when you are weeding and harvesting. 

As a bonus, Garden Commander sections can be used with plastic covers to create a small greenhouse during the early growing season. They easily become frost frames and used to protect your young plants from frost. 

For insect protection, netting can be placed over the Garden Commander sections if you need extra protection to prevent your plants from being eaten by insects.

A previous Garden Commander customer said: “We bought ten last spring and had our best garden ever since the critters did not get to our veggies and flowers. They hold up well and can be used for many years. It kept out both the deer and the groundhogs.”

Get the best solution for protecting your plants without the need for harmful repellent chemicals today with Garden Commander!

You can find out more information by clicking the URL above! 

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