Hampstead, London Interior Designer Adds Colours & Art To Refresh Home Spaces

May 16, 2024

Are you bored with the way the rooms in your home or business look? Then freshen them up with the help of Elemental Studio’s (07956 467034) interior design and styling experts!

It’s amazing what some paint, a few pieces of artwork, and a new couch can do for a space, and no one knows this better than Elemental Studio! The Hampstead, London interior design and styling company will take your living or retail space and make it more functional, vibrant, and welcoming. They consider several different design and style elements along the way, from colours and textures to artwork and furniture.

Those interested in scheduling a no-obligation consultation can do so by calling the number in the description or by visiting https://elementalstudio.co.uk/lets-chat/

Modern Solutions

Elemental Studio’s goal is to provide you with the most stylish, practical, and sustainable solutions possible. “As modern interior designers, our passion lies in elegantly combining colours and injecting joy into spaces,” explained Laurence Katz, founder and lead creative director of the company. “We work with clients across central and north London, turning their ideas into plans and their plans into vibrant realities.”


If your space requires only minimal adjustments and tweaks, Elemental Studio offers its styling service. Ideal if you're happy with your home but want to add some personal touches, this service refreshes spaces by introducing simple things like artwork, rugs, cushions, and textiles.  

Interior Design & Full-Service Design

Conversely, if you are looking to completely overhaul the appearance, feel, and function of your space have a choice between Elemental Studio’s interior design and full-service design options. Both of these services cover a wide range of interior design elements, but the full-service design option includes structural and architectural changes whereas the interior design option doesn’t.

Property Assessment

Finding your dream property can be daunting, especially if you have specific criteria in mind. Elemental Studio can guide you in striking the right balance among your property options and making the best decision for your future home or business.

Their expert team accompanies you on the final 2-3 property viewings, meticulously assessing each space according to your needs. We explore potential transformations, layout enhancements, and ways to infuse your personal style or branding, helping you envision the property’s full potential and uncovering its hidden gems. Once you’ve chosen a property, they provide comprehensive solutions to tailor your new space to your liking.

Why Should I Re-Design My Space?

There are several reasons why you may want to change the interior design of your space. First and foremost, you might just be tired of how it looks or the way it feels. If you want to sell your home or business, interior design is a great way to stage your space and try and drive up the overall value of the property as well.

“Right from the start, Laurence and the team at Elemental Studio encouraged us to go for bold colours and textures while respecting our personal style,” said a satisfied client. “They provided us with a wide variety of materials to choose from, all sourced from local businesses. They have a strong reputation in the industry, and it shows with the work they produce. I would highly recommend them.”

About Elemental Studio

Elemental Studio has been helping clients enhance and transform their living and retail spaces since 2016. In addition to its interior design and styling services, the company also performs property assessments for clients looking to purchase or lease a new home or storefront.

If. you would like a a no-obligation consultation call the number in the description or visit https://elementalstudio.co.uk/lets-chat/

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