Garden Product Protects plants from deer. Low Cost deer fence – 3 products in 1

Jul 19, 2021

Groundhogs, birds, rabbits, and deer protection for your garden plants. This Low Cost Deer Fence Works

3 Important features in one product! Garden Commander is a low cost unique environmentally friendly deer fence alternative which will protect your garden plants from deer, rabbits, birds, and insects as well. Garden Commanders are perfect for raised bed gardens. Not only does it protect your plants from deer, you can also use it covered with plastic to start your plants early in the spring, like a mini greenhouse! Cover with cheese cloth and it keeps insects off of your plants.

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Garden Commander is a green and cost-effective garden protector that prevents the need for harmful and undesirable chemical repellents or costly fences and gates.

Built with high quality 14 gauge galvanized wire metal frames, the Garden Commanders are built to last and are low cost deer fence alternates that can be easily stacked and stored and used for many years.

Paul McMichael, The creator of the Garden Commander was originally looking for a product that would protect his own garden from deer without having to use costly large and intrusive deer fencing or repellants which constantly must be replaced after a rain and can possibly be toxic.

After being unsuccessful in finding an existing low cost solution for protecting a garden from deer, rabbits, and other animals, he developed the GARDEN COMMANDERS. The product allowed his plants to be grown organically and safe from a wide range of animals and insects. They are light weight and can be easily moved, even by an elderly grandmother or a child.

The Garden Commanders are all four feet long by two feet wide and are available in either 26 or 29 inches in height. The size options allow customers to get a size that best suits their garden plants height. This size makes them perfect for raised bed gardens or French intensive gardening.

All of the Garden Commanders are lightweight, making them easy to use. Additionally, they do not need to be staked down, allowing them to be easily moved for weeding and harvesting.

As a bonus, Garden Commander can also be used with plastic covers during the early growing season to create a small greenhouse to protect young fragile seedlings from frost.

Another bonus is that Garden Commander sections can be used for insect protection. Netting can be placed over the Garden Commander if customers need added protection to prevent plants from being eaten by insects.

A previous Garden Commander customer said: “We bought ten last spring and had our best garden ever since the critters did not get to our veggies and flowers. They hold up well and can be used for many years. It kept out both the deer and the groundhogs.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website here.

Why Choose Garden Commander?

• Perfect garden protection from deer for raised beds, square foot gardens & garden rows!

• Low profile attractive in appearance, never need unsightly expensive deer fencing again.

• Stackable, portable, lightweight & the unique design eliminates anchoring, no tip design

• Constructed of high quality 14 gauge galvanized wire. No rust & will last MANY years.

• Proven deer repeller that also keeps out groundhogs, rabbits, birds, squirrels & more. Stops wildlife from eating your garden.

• Cost effective deer fence? Yes! A low cost deer fence alternative. Less expensive and more effective than the other methods used.

• Environmentally friendly - chemical repellents no longer needed, safe for pets & wildlife too!

• Cover Garden Commander with plastic to create a “mini greenhouse”, perfect for early spring start-ups & extend the growing season.

• Frost frame - When frost threatens, cover Garden Commander frame with frost cloth, fabric or plastic to protect your flowers, vegetables or herbs, from deer AND frost.

• Protection from insects - Cover with a fine net to protect your plants from destructive insects.

• An ideal choice for tall plant supports such as iris, peonies, gladiolas, lilies & more!

• Unique design - no need to stake down! Easily moved for weeding & harvesting plants.

• Available in two sizes -26 or 29 inches height - both in popular 4-foot lengths and 2-foot widths.

• Clips easily to custom fit your garden footprint.

• Matching end caps sold in pairs.

• Garden Commanders are *** MADE IN THE USA ***

• Organic - sustainable - chemical free gardens are easily achieved with Garden Commander!

• Garden Commander, the best way to keep deer, rabbits, groundhogs, birds, and more, from eating your garden vegetables

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