Loveland Contractor Takes Steel, Aluminum, & Copper Hail-Proof Roofing Projects

Feb 1, 2024

Gold Roofing in Loveland, CO (970-593-3080) is the clear choice for all your roofing needs. Their skilled contractors will install high-quality structures built to last a lifetime.

Story Time!

In 2018, a wild hail storm ravaged parts of Colorado. One of the areas hit hardest? The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

A day full of excitement turned suddenly to terror for hundreds of visitors as the sky darkened all at once; a great clattering from the heaven, a rush of cold air downward. As the giraffes grazed and the elephants played, the storm delivered a devastating blow to the mountainside attraction. Hailstones the size of softballs hammered the zoo for minutes - 400 cars were destroyed, dozens sustained minor injuries.

To find out how to protect your home from an incident like this, visit

I share this story with you partially because I visited that very zoo only last year and was astonished to learn of this terrifying event, and partially because it speaks to the uniquely terrifying capabilities that Colorado hail can have!

The Stats

Colorado receives, on average, larger and more frequent hail than almost anywhere else in North America thanks to its unique topography.

Not only does the state hold the record for the largest hailstone ever recorded (8 inches in diameter), but it also has the second-highest number of hail damage insurance claims, behind only Texas.

Protect Your Home, Protect Your Family

Upon hearing this information, you are probably thinking one of two things. 1.) That sounds familiar! Or, 2.) I've got to get out of here!

Fear not, dear reader: Gold Roofing is here to save the day! They can install a stunning roof that will stand up to even the most vicious hail storms, spring deluges, and winter winds.

They are offering their premium services now so that you can be prepared when the spring season hits, not caught unaware like hundreds of thousands of people are every year.

Better Materials, Better Service

They offer asphalt, metal, and tile installation services using heavily tested, certified materials that are guaranteed to last for years.

More specifically, aluminum, steel, and copper roofing options are available for those who would like a specific look when upgrading to a metal roof. They also provide several different styles of asphalt roofing, the full catalog of which can be viewed on the company's website.

A company spokesperson said in regards to this service, “Give us the opportunity to roof one of your projects and see the quality, pride, and workmanship that goes into every job. Allow us to become a part of your successful team. Please call us for any ongoing or up-and-coming project for a current proposal.”

Colorado's Best Since 1996

The team offers these services as a subcontractor for some of the top construction firms in Colorado. If you are interested in their services, you must add them to your project’s bid list in order to be considered.

One customer shared their experience, stating: “I had a very positive experience with the team at Gold Roofing. After requesting a bid, Lane came out to my place, answered my initial questions, gathered measurements, and had the pricing options for me right away.”

Gold Roofing offers free quotes on all installation services. They completed over 400 jobs in 2023, and have stated that they intend to continue offering industry-leading service to the Loveland area in the new year and beyond. A gallery of past jobs is available on their website alongside an inquiry form that can be used to secure a quote.

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