Los Angeles Fashion Staffing Partners: Fill Full-Time Product Design Positions

Nov 4, 2022

Unearth A-list talent suited for top LA brands – Emerging Blue links you with the best candidates for full-time positions in fashion, retail, digital, and more.

Los Angeles Fashion Staffing Partners: Fill Full-Time Product Design Positions

If you’re looking for luxury recruitment services, Emerging Blue delivers in Los Angeles. Want to staff your company with talent that’ll prove to be terrific long-term hires? Take advantage of Emerging Blue’s exquisite EB 360 program.

It’s been developed to bring the full scope of Emerging Blue’s national talent pool to LA companies like yours, aiming to identify the perfect fits for your full-time jobs. Headed by talent acquisition professionals with experience in a vast range of industries, Emerging Blue is committed to strengthening your Los Angeles brand by linking you with highly-qualified candidates.

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A key staple of the EB 360 service, as explained by Emerging Blue, is its complete full-funnel coverage of your entire recruitment process. Serving as a Human Resources partner, its team is able to work alongside your LA company as you narrow the search for top full-time talent together, providing its assistance with both talent acquisition and employee outreach strategies.

The program is designed to significantly lessen the workload that you’d otherwise have to take on yourself, sourcing suitable potential staff on your behalf. Further, Emerging Blue will serve as an extension of your brand, understanding your company culture and identity to draw on in its assessment of new talent - leading to meaningful alliances between your company and your new employees.

In the words of an Emerging Blue representative: “With EB 360, our team can work directly with yours by providing full-scope recruiting & HR Services. We’ll create a customizable and effective plan for your team and business with recruitment that aligns with your brand and culture.”

Emerging Blue refers to the wider experience among its team as a key factor in its specialist ability to locate and evaluate premium talent across a variety of positions. As such, its upgraded program involves the meticulous pinpointing of those with in-demand skills - filling roles from marketing and creative jobs to product design, merchandising, and more for luxury LA fashion and retail brands.

As well as discovering talent in line with your company’s values, Emerging Blue also approaches the hiring process from the perspective of potential candidates. Its EB 360 program includes modernized employer branding support, offering you extensive guidance on advertising while expertly maneuvering the world of social media.

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“The EB 360 service from Emerging Blue provided full-scope recruitment for our company and served as the perfect extension of our team,” said one recent client. “They spent an immense amount of front-end time understanding our business needs and company culture, which helped them narrow in on the right candidates for our job openings.”

Emerging Blue is here to handle your hiring demands - putting the best fit for your LA company within your reach.

Whether you’re in or around Los Angeles, visit https://www.emergingblue.com/connect-us to learn more about Emerging Blue and what they can do for you!

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