London Solicitor Offers Estate Planning Versus Divorce and Bankruptcy Claims

Feb 15, 2021

Don’t let disputes impede the execution of your final will and testament. Get in touch with a trusted estate planning firm in London like ADL Estate Planning Ltd.

Are you worried about potential estate disputes? This firm can help!

London-based ADL Estate Planning Ltd. announces the launch of its updated service, which aims to help you protect and pass on your wealth to future generations. The firm specialises in providing legal advice to minimise potential inheritance and estate disputes.

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The firm updated its services due to the increasing prevalence of litigation that challenges a deceased person’s last will and testament. More specifically, the execution of your estate may be impeded by divorce settlement claims, bankruptcy filings, and creditor claims, among other factors.

This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that many British citizens do not have a will to begin with. According to industry statistics, about half the population do not have a last testament, which makes their estate highly vulnerable to disputes.

To avoid such a scenario, ADL Estate Planning Ltd. helps you create iron-clad estate plans so that your wealth can be inherited as you originally planned. Their highly skilled consultants include members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and can help you craft estate plans, no matter how big or small your assets may be.

Knowing that each client is different, ADL Estate Planning Ltd. closely examines your financial situation and develops a bespoke strategy. In this way, you can grow your assets today and secure the financial futures of those you leave behind.

The firm recommends doing estate planning early despite having a busy schedule as untoward incidents often come unannounced. Doing so also protects your estate from typically overlooked factors, such as financial mismanagement and generational inheritance tax.

To help you better appreciate how estate planning can help you, ADL Estate Planning Ltd. offers a strategy document for married couples and civil partners with an estate value over £650,000. It is available for free on the company’s website and can be accessed by filling out a short questionnaire.

A spokesperson says: “Estate planning is an important conversation that many choose to delay. Given the challenges an estate may face during its execution, however, it’s best to talk to an expert as soon as possible.”

Enjoy greater peace of mind with the help of an expert estate planner. Get in touch with ADL Estate Planning Ltd. today!

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