London Estate Planner Offers New Report on How to Maximise Wealth Transfer

Mar 19, 2021

If you are looking for legal ways to reduce your estate tax, ADL Estate Planning Ltd. of London has a new report that provides real-world examples.

Worried about how big your estate taxes will be? Be sure to read this report!

ADL Estate Planning Ltd. of London, England announces the launch of a new report tackling inheritance tax. The new volume discusses the legal basis for estate taxes, as well as legal ways for you to minimize them.

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By publishing this report, the financial advisory aims to help you maximise the wealth you pass onto the next generation. This resource is accessible for free and has been prepared by the firm’s experienced estate law experts.

ADL Estate Planning Ltd. says that inheritance tax prevents excessive accumulation of wealth by redistributing part of a deceased person’s estate to the general public. Industry statistics show that only about 5% of UK households pay this tax, which is set at 40%.

That said, the inheritance tax applies to all citizens, even those who are not exceedingly rich. After a 40% cut, an already modest estate will become even more meagre, leaving surviving loved ones at a disadvantage.

As such, the company released its report so that you can plan your estate thoroughly to mitigate the effects of inheritance tax. It highlights steps that you can take while you are still alive to prevent your assets from falling into the tax regime upon your passing.

This resource highlights sound arguments for why the inheritance tax rate should be lowered. Crucially, it also makes a clear distinction between tax avoidance and tax evasion, two matters that people often conflate.

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The heart of the report is a discussion of oft-overlooked stipulations in Section 11 of the 1984 Inheritance Tax Act. The author provides real-life examples of how to apply these provisions to legally reduce your estate taxes.

ADL Estate Planning Ltd. says that starting early with inheritance planning ensures a problem-free transfer of assets upon your passing. It’s also a crucial step in protecting the financial future of your loved ones.

As a leading estate planner, ADL Estate Planning Ltd. provides trusted and sound advice that advances their clients’ financial interests. It regularly releases free industry reports to highlight the importance of estate planning.

Discover the best way to reduce the impact of inheritance tax on your estate. Read the report today!

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