Let This Harrow HR Consultancy Firm Help To Improve Employee’s Job Performance

Oct 5, 2020

Looking to have a better relationship with your employees and to make their work-life better for your company to progress? Look no further than Pink Fluff HR Consultancy. They give the best advice!

If you’re a business owner in Harrow, London, and would like to work on fostering a good employer-employee relationship with your members of staff, then check out Pink Fluff HR Consultancy. They are capable of providing the best advice in the area of human resources so both you and your employees can have a comfortable and profitable working environment.

Pink Fluff HR Consultancy has announced the expansion of its services in the Harrow, London area. The UK-based firm specialises in providing expert employer advice and support to professionals who want their businesses to grow.

Visit https://pink-fluff.co.uk for details!

Considered strategic and business-minded, the company is run by its founder, Shivani, who has been in the human resources (HR) consultancy business for over 20 years. The recently expanded services are aimed at helping employers in the Harrow community to get the best out of their employees. 

According to Shivani, you can get the best out of your employees by enlightening and engaging them to your company goals. This perspective stems from her having worked in various HR roles, including Human Resource Generalist and Specialist in Employment Law. For more on Shivani’s services and experience, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivani-halford-bespoke-hr-advice-574ab75a.

Pink Fluff HR Consultancy believes that employees thrive from an environment where they are allowed to perform their best and recognised for their outstanding performance. This is contrary to the belief that some employees set out to be disruptive at or not have an appreciation for their place of employment and the work that they do. 

With this belief in mind, the consultancy firm sets out to deliver HR services that support and foster good employee relations. This will in turn lead to happy employers and employees, and further a better working environment.

Pink Fluff HR Consultancy prides itself on having a comfortable and understanding relationship with you to be able to better serve them. As such, its staff strives to engage in in-depth conversations with you to better understand you as an individual, your business, and your business’ HR challenges.

In keeping with their mandate of providing professional and pragmatic HR advice, Shivani says the company’s advice to you is reflective of your business and what its aims entail. Further, the HR consultancy firm works to protect you and your company from certain HR pitfalls you may encounter. 

The London-based firm assists you via three packages: the retention package, the Adhoc HR support, and the company’s online HR administrative services. The retention package, which costs £200, covers unlimited calls and emails regarding HR issues, one face-to-fce meeting (for an hour) every three months, template letters, scripts, and guidance on handling conversations.

Go to https://pink-fluff.co.uk/pricing.php for information on pricing for the other packages. 

To find out more about the firm and its services, you can click on the links above!

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