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Aug 7, 2023

Have you been hurt working in dangerous conditions at an Odessa-area oil field? Seek legal assistance from those who know the perils of your industry – call Reyna Law Firm at 432-232-5183 today.

Oil field work is dangerous work - you need to be mindful of the searing hot sun while also following a long list of safety rules. If your employer failed to adequately inform you of such rules, which led to you being injured on the job, you could be owed much-needed compensation.

Reyna Law Firm points to the unsafe conditions many pipeline and oilfield workers are subjected to on a daily basis. Were you hurt while under employment? Take advantage of the lawsuit representation and injury claim management options available to you in Odessa.

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With a prominent number of oil and gas extraction sites, the Permian Basin region hosts workers involved in drilling, construction, and other high-risk tasks from West Texas to New Mexico. Many need help after injuries. Reyna Law Firm provides its services in direct support of such personnel in the event that they have sustained harm due to insufficient safety standards or employer negligence.

Operating from its local Odessa offices, Reyna Law Firm has seen for itself the continuing plight of oilfield workers - intending its legal options to provide relief. Its attorneys are able to navigate injury claims in line with the latest regulatory amendments in injury law, offering you much-needed aid in your steps toward recovery.

Reyna Law Firm stresses that the injuries involved in the oil and gas extraction industries are often severe, deriving from electrical shocks and chemical exposure. Since the effects of such injuries can be long-lasting, you need to seek suitable compensation to account for your long-term wellbeing.

Owing to its firm’s experience working oilfield injury cases, Reyna Law Firm designs its services with an understanding of accepted safety protocols. Protective gear, heat exhaustion, and careful practice are facets that workers need to be aware of - and in case of accidents, a failure by employers to train or advise you in such areas could put injury liability on their shoulders.

With its services, then, Reyna Law Firm aims to prosecute liable parties to the full extent of the law - its lawyers point to the usage of evidence in proving that you deserve ample recompense for your suffering. In many cases, legal parties can agree on settlement figures over the course of negotiations, but Reyna Law Firm also offers courtroom representation if it comes to that.

By providing these services, Reyna Law Firm works to cover all eventualities in each injury claim case. The firm’s lawyers have won multi-million-dollar settlements for prior oilfield injury clients - and you could stand to win significant figures with their help.

Don’t worry about the cost, either - with Reyna Law Firm, you’ll pay only if they win.

If you’re in or around Odessa, visit for further info regarding Reyna Law Firm’s legal guidance.

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