Digital Marketing Agency Features Naturopaths On Business Insider, Globe & Mail

May 15, 2024

NaturoMedia will get your naturopathic practice in front of millions of potential customers with its unique content marketing strategies so you can get a consistent stream of qualified leads.

As you read these words, someone is most likely searching online to find a holistic health practitioner near them. The question is: Is your practice visible, and if it is, can it inspire trust in prospects? 

The multimedia content solution by NaturoMedia can make your local naturopathic clinic much more visible on the web and could also boost your credibility. To lean all about this service, visit 

Get Featured On Major News Sites 

NaturoMedia creates custom content about your practice, published across premium platforms like the Associated Press, Business Insider, and The Globe & Mail. This strategy elevates your brand visibility and search engine rankings while associating your practice with major players in the industry. 

Regularly publishing informative content on these news websites generates positive coverage for your brand, enhancing both reputation and reach. 

Boost Your Search Engine Ranking  

But this multi-platform approach doesn’t just amplify your brand visibility; it also boosts your Google rankings.

CEO Lacey Shewchuk explains that the content featured on these platforms receives preferential treatment from search engines. Thus, being showcased on the platforms drives organic traffic to your website faster than relying solely on traditional SEO. 

A 100% “Done-For-You" Service  

The multimedia content service encompasses diverse content formats like news articles, blog posts, infographics, slideshows, podcasts, and videos - all designed to boost customer engagement and elevate brand awareness. 

Plus, with flexible pricing options - including one-time and monthly plans - it's tailored to fit your needs and budget.

NaturoMedia is committed to helping naturopathic clinic owners like yourself improve brand recognition and local visibility. Leveraging extensive media partnerships, they ensure you gain the same level of online exposure typically reserved for larger companies. 

A satisfied client said, “Your campaigns catapulted our business to new heights. We now consistently rank in the money pack for many of the products we offer. Our annual revenue has doubled, and we’re receiving significant traffic from keyword searches on Google.” 

With NaturoMedia, building online visibility is a breeze. Reach your ideal clients without breaking the bank. Learn more at

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