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Nov 16, 2021

Here, at Thomas Law Group, P.C., we have released a blog explaining why hiring educated counseling at the earliest stage is so important. For more information, people can read the full blog below.

We all know how the current times have negatively impacted the finances of many people. Especially if they need an attorney, it has become an even more challenging decision than under more normal circumstances. Here, at Thomas Law Group P.C., we have published a brand new video entitled, “The Importance of Choosing a Top-Notch Attorney.” The video highlights the importance of hiring skilled counseling at the earliest stage of a case. This information should be of particular interest to any individual filing for divorce or beginning a child custody case. People who want to get the best legal counseling and other interested individuals can view the full video at ThomasLawGroupPC/Video.

The video includes several interesting pieces of information; one, in particular, is why people will get Top-Notch Representation with Thomas Law Group, P.C. Having this information would be of specific interest to those individuals who are filing for divorce or beginning a child custody case. Furthermore, our Attorney Sergei Thomas has more than fifteen years of experience assisting people in legal matters, including Divorce, Child custody, and Stepparent adoption. Mr. Thomas compassionately helps clients through challenging phases of their lives, working vigorously to help clients effectively reach positive outcomes.

One of the most critical pieces of information the video tries to convey and communicate is the importance of working with a compassionate and dedicated attorney when dealing with these difficult situations. The best example of this is perhaps found in the following extract:

‘Whether people are filing for divorce or beginning a child custody case, they might feel anxious or fearful of what’s to come. When going through these situations, it is always best to do it in the company of motivated, compassionate, and skilled attorneys that will guide you along the way.’

An excerpt from the video states that Thomas Sergei, President/CEO at Thomas Law Group, P.C., personally decided to enter this practice area to keep children from engaging in situations that he had experienced in his life before. Divorce affected him and his siblings at a young age. However, instead of allowing these events to derail his life, he used them as motivation. He decided to help others in the same situation by practicing law and being the best at it.

Here, at Thomas Law Group, P.C., we now welcome comments and questions from the audience about the video. We intend on helping people to be better informed on how important it is to get experienced counseling when presenting a case.

Anyone who has a specific question about a past, present, or future article can contact Thomas Law Group, P.C. via their website at

The complete video is available to view in full at ThomasLawGroupPC/Video.

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