Leashboss Introduces Durable And Super-Comfortable 12 Inch Neoprene Handle Dog Leash For Walking Strong Dogs

Apr 28, 2017

San Diego dog products company Leashboss announced the launch of its 12 inch neoprene handle dog leash. Manufactured with durable 1-inch nylon and poly bonded thread, the leash is designed for training and walking tall dogs. The leash is designed to withstand high tugging forces.

Dog lifestyle and training product company Leashboss announced the launch of its 12 inch neoprene handle dog leash. Designed to keep taller dogs safe and comfortable in narrow or crowded spaces, the leash allows owners to ensure control of their dog.

More information about the Leashboss 12 inch padded handle short dog leash is available at https://www.leashboss.com/collections/short-dog-leashes...

Short leashes are an essential training tool to help trainers and dog owners exercise control over their pets in specific situations. These situations include walking down a crowded street or in a social situation where other pets are present. A short leash is also used by dog handlers and behavior coaches to guide a pet's social behavior.

While standard leashes are suited to trained dogs or shorter pets, 12-inch leashes are usually used to condition untrained pets. Short leashes are usually designed for walking taller dogs that possess greater upper body strength. The Leashboss 12-inch dog leash latches securely to any standard collar with a reinforced high-quality metal clip.

Nylon poly bonded thread and heavy-duty nylon webbing ensure that the Leashboss 12-inch short dog leash can withstand heavy tugging. The soft padded handle is lined with neoprene that is gentle on the hands while providing a secure gripping surface.

According to a spokesperson from Leashboss, "Our new 12-inch dog leash with a padded neoprene handle is an expression of a design philosophy that combines style, durability, and comfort. Our aim is to help owners, trainers, handlers, and walkers enjoy superlative handling comfort and control while using our 12-inch and 18-inch short dog leashes."

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Leashboss sells dog lifestyle and training products. The Leashboss 12 inch padded handle short dog leash is designed and manufactured in San Diego, California. The company offers a 5-year satisfaction guarantee on all its leashes.

More information about Leashboss and the new leash can be found at https://www.leashboss.com and at https://www.amazon.com/Leashboss-Short-Leash-Neoprene-Handle...

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