EROs & Tax Preparers Can Get Expert Software Training By Joining This 2024 Event

Apr 25, 2024

Interested in becoming an ERO or want to start your own tax business? Complete Tax & Training Software (855-306-3336) is offering training between July 18th and July 21st, 2024 where you can learn about getting started in the industry with the latest tax software.

With tax laws constantly changing, it’s always a good time to enter the field as a tax professional to help clients navigate fresh complexities. If you’re interested in such a career, thinking about starting your own filing preparation business, or even if you’re an experienced preparer, Complete Tax & Training Software’s (CTTS) July 2024 training in South Beach, Florida has something for everyone.

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The upcoming training - the CTTS Annual Tax Banquet, to be held between July 18th and July 21st, 2024 at the Marriott Stanton South Beach - will educate aspiring tax agents, Electronic Return Originators (EROs), and filing assistance office owners about the industry’s latest software products.

Enjoy a Comprehensive Range of Courses

At the training, you'll be able to take courses using CTTS software which - depending on the package you choose - will teach you basic or advanced individual, corporate, and partnership tax preparation practices.

You'll learn the essential knowledge and skills of the field and its laws you'll need to create, market, and run a robust filing assistance company, while also learning how to legally maximize returns. With CTTS’s software, you'll have the tools and resources you need to expand your reach as an accounting business owner, build your customer base, and inspire your employees.

Ride the Industry Wave

Given regularly occurring changes and updates to US tax laws - such as the implementation of the Employee Retention Credit and new filing procedures for green energy facility owners - demand for filing professionals remains fairly constant. In 2024, the US economic climate remains generally favorable toward aspiring accounting professionals. So, if you want to ride this wave, CTTS can help you benefit from the market uptrend to build a solid business or career.

At the CTTS Annual Tax Banquet, you'll receive on-site, up-to-date training in the latest tax laws and strategies, practice with CTTS software, assistance with obtaining professional credentials, mentorship materials, marketing materials, and much more.

The Many Benefits of CTTS Partnership

If you're a business owner or experienced filing preparer, when you partner with CTTS, you can enjoy:

  • low startup costs;
  • web-based, multi-office management tools;
  • assistance with payroll setup and retirement planning;
  • healthcare benefits; and
  • tax planning strategies.

As a partner, you'll also have a license to sell CTTS software, and you'll enjoy the benefit of having the company’s tech support available for your sub-office.

About Complete Tax & Training Software

CTTS has been recognized as an industry leader that sets the benchmarks for tax professionals’ training and development. CTTS’s mission is to empower accounting professionals to provide excellent service for positive impact through comprehensive training.

A company representative said: “If you are an existing ERO or desire to become one and are searching for the right software company to grow with, then welcome home! We are a company that really understands what you do and how to support your unique business needs.”

Check out the CTTS Annual Tax Banquet, from July 18th to July 21st, 2024 at the Marriott Stanton South Beach, where you can enjoy engaging tax training; smooth, intuitive filing practice on CTTS's custom software; mentorship from top industry experts; and round-the-clock support!

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