What To Expect Wearing OTC Hearing Aids For First Time: Guide For New Users

Apr 25, 2024

Worried that hearing aids seem to have made your audio experience worse, not better? Read Nano’s latest guide on what first-time users can expect when acclimatizing to new devices.

Are you considering getting a hearing aid and are worried about what to expect?

Read the new guide from Nano Hearing Aids – purveyors of FDA-registered over-the-counter hearing devices – to learn what to expect. More details at https://nanohearingaids.com/blogs/news/what-to-expect-when-getting-hearing-aids-for-the-first-time

Hearing aids can be life-changing but, if you're a novice, there can be a period of adjustment as you acclimatize to a new audio experience. The article reflects Nano's commitment to helping you make the most out of its products. The company's signature range is backed by a guarantee of support from Nano's expert hearing counselors.

New Sounds

The piece explores how your ears become used to a quieter world over time. Hearing aids boost sounds that have become dull or imperceptible for someone with hearing loss, often taking the wearer by surprise. Just as eyes must adjust to the dark, so your ears must adjust to new and louder sounds. This process can take anywhere between 3 and 6 months.

Adjustable Audio Levels

Nano devices all have volume settings which help make this period of adjustment easier for you. The entry-level CIC2 has two audio programs with the rest of the range adding a further three settings for different environments.

Distortion? Don't Worry!

The guide explains how your brain takes time to adjust to higher audio levels. Even familiar sounds may sound distorted or unnatural, including your own voice. Over time, the brain begins to process these sounds and you can expect sounds to return to a more recognizable state.

Spatial Awareness

Other factors to consider include spatial awareness. The vestibular system, which is located within your inner ear, contributes to the three-dimensional sense of space that we experience. According to the article, hearing aids help to improve this awareness, complementing the visual signals provided by your eyes.

Noise Cancellation

Background noise can also be problematic in the early days of wearing a hearing aid. Nano's CIC4, X2, and Sigma Plus all feature noise reduction and cancellation technology which helps you to filter out unwanted sounds. The directional microphones in the company's behind-the-ear models prioritize speech over background noise.

The guide states, “When you wear your hearing aids regularly, you may be surprised by how quickly you can adapt. After a brief adjustment period, people experience a renewed connection to a world full of clear sounds.”

Check out the full guide today and explore a new world of sound with Nano Hearing Aids! For more info, go to https://nanohearingaids.com/blogs/news/what-to-expect-when-getting-hearing-aids-for-the-first-time

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