Learn How To Look After Your Pug & Ensure A Smooth & Stress-Free First 24 Hours With This New Report

May 22, 2019

An new report has been launched by Pug Tips, offering guidance on what to do when bringing a new Pug home for the first time. It covers the first day with checklists and information to ensure the day goes smoothly.

Pug Tips, an online pug owner’s guide and information site, has launched a new report focusing on what to do when buying a pug for the first time. Called “First 24 Hours With Your New Pug”, it offers insight and guidance into what to expect and what to do to ensure an enjoyable and stress free first day.

More information can be found at: https://pug.tips

Pug Tips is a leading site dedicated to pug owners and those who are interested in buying a Pug. When buying a dog for the first time, it can be beneficial to read up on the breed and how to look after them, and this type of information is what Pug Tips is great for.

It offers articles and information on picking a Pug for the first time, with a full guide to selecting a Pug, where to get a Pug from, and the pros and cons of male vs female Pugs.

Breed information is provided, with a full history of Pugs, so that prospective dog owners can can get a better understanding of Pugs to know what to expect. Other sections of the site include Caring for Pugs, Training, and Pug Accessories.

The new report begins with First Things First, so that Pug owners can think about all the important details before they bring their dog home. This includes where the dog will sleep, what type of food to get, toys to play with, and more.

Other elements of the report include bringing the Pug into the home, what not to do, crate training, house training, and introducing other pets to the new Pug.

The report states: “Bringing a dog home isn’t too hard, but to make it easier we recommend doing it when you will be at home all day. If you work during the week, then bringing the dog into your home at the weekend would be best!”

It adds: “This lets you keep an eye on your new Pug for all your waking hours, instead of leaving him to his own devices in your house/apartment while you work/go out.”

Full details of the report and site can be found on the URL above.

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