Ladies! Wear Your Backless Dresses Confidently With This Nippies Skins Bra Hack

May 29, 2023

If you love an elegant backless dress but you hate wrestling with bras that peek through, CleanSeams by Her Discretion has the answer! Their comfortable, peel-and-stick nippies skins give you all day/all night braless comfort so you always look amazing.

Ladies, we've all been there. You find the perfect backless dress or a cute little number with a stunning plunging neckline, only to be left wondering how to cover your nipples discreetly. Well, consider that problem solved because CleanSeams has got you covered!

With CleanSeams Nippie Skins, you'll not only conceal the girls right where you need to, but you'll also achieve a smooth and seamless look that will make. heads. turn.

High-comfort CleanSeams nipple concealers from Her Discretion can be worn for hours so you can go braless under that beautiful backless fashion statement without any irritation. In fact, you'll probably forget you're wearing them. And since they're made of hypoallergenic materials and a medical-grade adhesive, you can use your CleanSeams again and again!

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If you appreciate a fine backless dress you know that little beauty can't be worn with a bra, and that's ok. Thanks to CleanSeams nipple concealers from the Her Discretion brand, now you have a soft and subtle bra replacement made of skin-friendly silicone that ensures your backless dress drapes as intended.

“The reason CleanSeams are so popular is that they’re extremely comfortable, and extremely discreet,” says a company spokesperson. “Our CleanSeams nipple covers are sold with two pairs that come in a beautifully designed travel box for portability and for display on bedroom or bathroom vanities.”

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CleanSeams are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and hypoallergenic. Made of an ultra-soft, durable material that thins from the center to the edges, the brand's nipple covers give you a natural appearance that doesn’t interrupt your silhouette.

Now you can forget about bra straps peeking through plunging necklines and just say no to those strapless bra torture chambers that only bunch up under your clothing and dig into your skin.

And here's a bonus: in addition to their practicality, CleanSeams nippies skins offer you value and sustainability. Each order includes two sets of peel-and-stick nipple covers that can be used multiple times, making them a cost-effective, eco-friendly choice you can feel extra good about.

CleanSeams by Her Discretion is committed to producing high-quality, long-lasting nipple covers for women seeking a discreet solution to plunging, translucent, and backless fashions.

And with their mindfully designed travel case - which opens like a cute little wardrobe - you can store each set of your nipple concealers inside their own drawer, protecting them from airborne dust and particulates that can compromise longevity. Out of sight until you need them, your nippies skins will always be ready to go.

A recent customer says, "I’ve been on the lookout for a while now for the best nipple covers after purchasing some nice ribbed tanks that you just can’t wear with a bra. CleanSeams by Her Discretion were the answer. They stayed on all night, even when I was hot and sweaty, and fit seamlessly. You couldn’t tell I had anything on underneath my tank. Ladies, you need these."

Is it time you stocked up on your own set of CleanSeams? Learn more at

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