Go Braless Under Thin Dress Fabrics With These Reusable Silicone Nipple Pasties

Jul 18, 2023

Go braless in style with CleanSeams nipple pasties by Her Discretion. Designed for comfort and modesty under dresses, blouses, and tank tops, these silicone reusable pasties give you the freedom to wear all your favorite fashions with confidence.

Everyone loves a sophisticated slip dress, but when it comes to concealing the girls, a bulky bra ruins everything.

Here's a fashion secret: ditch the bra and go for silicone nipple pasties instead.

With soft and reusable silicone CleanSeams nipple pasties by the Her Discretion brand, you can go braless under dresses made of any thin, light fabric, like chiffon, crepe, silk, and viscose. Revel in the freedom to wear all your favorite designs without compromising on comfort or style!

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Thin and sheer dress fabrics are pretty, but also a challenge. Wear the bra and look bulky and dowdy, or don't wear the bra and be the center of attention for all the wrong reasons? Up until now, that was the choice.

If you prioritize a polished appearance you have a comfy bra-free solution in CleanSeams. Their nipple pasties are made from high-quality, BPA-free silicone and a medical grade adhesive to provide a smooth and seamless appearance that's virtually invisible under thinner and lighter fabrics.

“One of the reasons CleanSeams are such a revolution is that they’re extremely comfortable and can be worn all day and all night,” says a company spokesperson. “Since they’re made with a thin, yet durable silicone material, they offer the coverage women want without being detectable under any type of fabric. This makes them perfect for tank tops, backless dresses, sheer blouses, and thin, lightweight dresses.”

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CleanSeams’ snug, peel-and-stick design allows for extended wear that holds up under hot and humid conditions. Got a summer wedding to attend? CleanSeams has you covered.

Crafted with comfort in mind, CleanSeams' soft, flexible, lightweight material thins from the middle to the edges to give you a secure, shape-conforming fit that won’t slip, and won't cause skin irritation, even after hours of wear.

It gets better:

With proper care (hand washing with a mild detergent) your pasties can be worn again and again for weeks, saving you money and offering an eco-friendlier option than single-use products we're all trying to avoid.

Each order of CleanSeams comes packaged in an attractive travel box that looks like a miniature wardrobe. The exterior of the box conceals two drawers that protect each pair of pasties from dust and air particulates, preserving their quality for prolonged use.

Throw your travel box in your purse for every day, or your suitcase for when you're vacationing or on a business trip. You can even display your CleanSeams box on your vanity at home, it's just that pretty.

With CleanSeams by Her Discretion, you have a practical solution for those thinner dress fabrics that eliminate the choice between a bulky bra or an overly revealing aesthetic.

CleanSeams By Her Discretion for your discretion. Is it time you picked up a set? Learn more at https://cleanseams.com

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