Injured At Work? Call Reading, PA Injury Lawyers For Workers’ Comp Claims

Dec 20, 2022

Don’t let your workers’ compensation claim get denied – Justice Guardians is here to fight for the insurance you need after your workplace accident. Call the firm’s Reading office at +1-610-589-0900 now!

Injured At Work? Call Reading, PA Injury Lawyers For Workers' Comp Claims

An accident at your workplace is bad enough without the headaches that come with the workers’ compensation claim process. Insurance wasn’t made to be simple, but Justice Guardians aims to make it much easier.

These Reading, PA Workers' Compensation attorneys are here to provide hardworking members of the workforce like you with access to expert injury claim guidance. Their firm offers extensive counsel on the subject of workers’ compensation and resulting claims at their Reading office; come in for a visit!

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The sincere hope of Justice Guardians is that if you’ve been injured in a local workplace accident, you can now file your claim with confidence. Their services are designed to equip you with the information you need to attain the compensation you deserve in order to handle medical bills and other costs.

As explained by the Pennsylvania-wide legal team, the difficulty in most workers’ compensation cases comes from the complexity of tackling insurance companies. Even with no-fault policies, Justice Guardians points out that many claims are denied by insurance providers due to paperwork issues or other mistakes made by victims. Its attorneys set out to correct this by standing with you through your ordeal.

“Workers’ comp claims can be complicated,” says Justice Guardians attorney David Petrone. “An attorney can avoid the mistakes that often result in rejected or reduced claims - trust our experience with your claim.”

Justice Guardians is able to draw on the vast experience of its personal injury law team for the benefit of clients like you in the Reading area, pursuing workers’ compensation that reflects your needs. The attorneys can work on your behalf in communicating with insurance companies while preparing you to avoid errors during filing stages or even during appeals.

The firm further notes that its team is equipped to advise you on the possibility of proceeding with lawsuits in the event of negligence by a third party. Together, Justice Guardians strives to assist you in attaining compensation sufficient to aid your physical recovery or manage emotional distress.

One recent client remarked: “My attorney did an excellent job handling my workers’ comp case and keeping me informed the entire time. I couldn't have asked for a more experienced team of injury lawyers to support me.”

With offices throughout Pennsylvania, Justice Guardians makes free consultations at the firm’s Reading location available for you to arrange via its official website or by calling the attorneys over the phone.

It's likely that you qualify for Workers’ Compensation - ensure that your claim is approved with the help of Justice Guardians!

If you’re in or around Reading, head to for more details about the services offered to you by Justice Guardians!

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