Impact Of DUIs Explained By Delaware County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Apr 17, 2020

DUI charges have a chance to impact your entire life, according to Delaware County Criminal Defense Lawyer Arik Benari. That needs to change, especially as the numbers continue to rise.

According to a new report, state and local police have seen the second-highest number of crashes related to DUIs in and around Media over the last year. This has amounted to some 622 DUI arrests and 165 DUI crashes, the third highest number in the state. Arik Benari, of The Benari Law Group, has likewise seen the number of DUI related cases on the rise in Media and the surrounding areas. In fact, it looks like it could be something seen around the state.

As a DUI defense lawyer in Delaware County, Benari has seen the impact of a DUI charge in Delaware County. It is a serious crime, and it can result in serious consequences. The law firm has helped hundreds of clients get their livelihoods back, have had charges dismissed, and helped their clients avoid serious consequences. “People don’t realize that one night, one good time, can completely destroy their entire lives. One DUI can completely upend your career and your opportunities. If you want to be a chaperone at your child’s field trip, a DUI can stop that. If you want to get a certain job, if you need to travel, a DUI can stop that.”

The Benari Law Group has successfully defended DUI cases for over seventeen years now, even as the number of cases relating to drugs and/or alcohol has continued to rise. According to Arik Benari, “There has absolutely been an increase in Delco DUIs, and likewise, there has been an increase in the number of checkpoints and illegal stops. It is best that people know about their rights and what they can and cannot do when they have been stopped under suspicion of a DUI.”

While there have been some proposals put into place to eliminate DUIs from records after some time, they still impact people for decades. “Certainly criminal offenders need to get help and shouldn’t be driving if they cannot control themselves,” Benari says. “It is a shame. We cannot allow people to get away with DUIs, but we need to find a way to rehab them and get them back to work, back to their lives, and give them equal opportunities."

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