Hyper-Targeted Multimedia News Content Campaigns For Phoenix Small Businesses

Oct 30, 2023

The unique content campaigns from Content Marketing Media can feature your Phoenix business on major news outlets, such as Bloomberg and Business Insider, putting you well ahead of the competition.

Gone are the days when people found local businesses by walking down the street. Google is now king, which can be difficult when you have a limited marketing budget.

Content Marketing Media offers done-for-you multimedia content campaigns, and they can feature your small business on more than 400 high-authority outlets.

By “high-authority,” we mean some of the world’s most well-know news websites, such as Bloomberg, Business Insider, and Yahoo. Your multimedia campaign will also include blog posts, slideshows, infographics, videos, and podcasts, and they’re all produced for you by a team of expert writers and marketers.

Go to https://contentmarketingmedia.org for more information.

With the internet now one of the leading ways for people to find businesses in their area, Content Marketing Media explains that it can be hard to get noticed. The firm’s multimedia content solution is designed to give you the type of reach that can normally only be achieved by major companies with huge marketing budgets.

The majority of consumers now use internet searches to find information about local businesses, with one survey from BrightLocal indicating that this applies to 98% of all individuals. Google is the leading platform for such activity, accounting for 87% of all local searches.

Content Marketing Media explains that Google uses sophisticated algorithms to help find local companies when someone searches for “business near me.” By distributing content on hundreds of high-authority platforms, the firm helps to increase your digital footprint, as well as establishing you as a trusted expert in your field.

“By leveraging our partnerships with high-authority platforms such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and multiple other high authority sites, we ensure your brand's message reaches a vast and diverse audience,” a company representative explained. “This increased exposure not only amplifies brand awareness but also enhances your brand's credibility.”

About Content Marketing Media

Recognizing that smaller companies often lack the marketing budgets and expertise of major organizations, Content Marketing Media aims to democratize access to multimedia outlets. The firm now has over 450 media partnerships, with further additions expected in the near future.

“The service that Content Marketing Media offers for small businesses, like mine, is incredible,” one local business owner recently stated. “The team is authentic and delivers exactly what they promise. I highly recommend working with them.”

Potential clients are searching for your products or services as you read these words. Content Marketing Media can help to ensure they find you and love what they see.

Check out https://contentmarketingmedia.org so you can learn more.

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