High-Profile Content For Phoenix Small Businesses: Appear On Top News Sites

May 10, 2024

The hyper-targeted multimedia campaigns from Phoenix-based Content Marketing Media are helping local small businesses unlock the potential of high-authority marketing.

Featuring On Major News Sites

To be effective, content marketing needs to be visible, relevant, and high-quality, but how do you achieve all three? Content Marketing Media offers a unique done-for-you solution using professional writers and publishing on 400+ trusted websites.

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The team works with you to develop each of your media content campaigns, including the locations and services you want to target. Each release includes a combination of news articles, bog pieces, videos, and more, reaching potential clients wherever they’re looking.

Content Marketing Media explains that, while many businesses use content marketing, they are often disappointed with the results. Publication on obscure websites, or content that is either irrelevant or poorly written, can contribute to such outcomes. The firm’s multimedia campaigns were developed to be an affordable and effective way to create highly visible and content that drives interest.

“We craft hyper-targeted content and publish it on some of the most trusted multimedia outlets in the world,” a company representative explained. “Our team consists of professional writers, developers, and advertising specialists, so we not only give your online visibility a huge boost, but we also tell your story in a way that creates interest and builds trust.”

Creating Effective Content

Statistics reported by Forbes reveal that 90% of marketers now incorporate content into their approach, with another piece from BrightEdge stating that 51% of content is found and consumed through organic searches.

As Content Marketing Media explains, several factors can contribute to the success of a content marketing campaign, including effective audience research, optimization of the materials for search engines, and the quality/relevance of the pieces themselves. With the new multimedia campaigns, the firm offers an efficient way for you to create content campaigns that are visible for your target market, while also answer the key questions that they’re asking.

About Content Marketing Media

Recognizing that many small businesses struggle to get noticed in the online space, Content Marketing Media developed its unique service to help such companies unlock the potential of high-authority content marketing. The agency continues to develop new publishing partnerships, with further additions to its network expected in the coming months.

“I had an incredible experience working with Josh and the team at Content Marketing Media,” one client recently stated. “They work fast and deliver amazing results. I would definitely recommend using them if you need help with your digital marketing.”

Don’t give up on content marketing until you’ve tried the high-authority campaigns from Phoenix-based Content Marketing Media.

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