Vidalytics Reviewed: Its Pros, Cons And Features That Improve Video Conversions

May 20, 2024

So you want to make sure that every second of your marketing video converts, but YouTube and its ilk are not cutting it? Is newcomer Vidalytics the answer? One pioneering marketing startup put it to the test to find out.

Often, when you’re checking out a page for a product or service, you’ll be led to a video presentation that you’ll, of course, be tempted to click on if you want to get more information. If you indulge, you’ll quickly find that the video players used are not YouTube—and for a good reason.

While YouTube is free and allows for a decent number of editing options, it’s not the best tool for marketers and anyone who wants to convert—that is, sell. Hence, the market for conversion-focused video marketing software, which offers more customization options for one to tinker with.

For AmpiFire, the startup that pioneered the concept of content “amplification”, video marketing is an indispensable tool in its promotional arsenal. This is why it’s always on the lookout for software that could make its job of presenting a non-conventional approach to content marketing easier.

It took Vidalytics for a spin, and the results may make anyone question their loyalty to their current video marketing software.

Granular Controls

According to AmpiFire, one thing that stood out while testing Vidalytics is how it allows users to control the “granular” aspects of their video through the built-in Smart Vids.

“Smart Vids is at the heart of Vidalytics. This powerful video creation tool allows users to ‘dynamically tailor’ videos to suit the specific interests, knowledge level, and buying readiness of the viewer,” it said in its review.

AmpiFire further stated that this level of customization is what makes Vidalytics stand out, as it lets marketers tailor the experience depending on who is watching.

In its example, it described “resume play,” a Smart Vids feature that gives one the option to continue watching from where they initially stopped. AmpiFire said that marketers with lengthy presentations may find this option useful, and it can spare viewers the annoyance of having to rewatch portions they have already seen should they decide to finish the video.

AmpiFire also noted a number of capabilities that it believes its fellow marketers would appreciate, such as Smart Vids’ capability to position CTAs strategically at any point in the video. It added that Smart Vids has the ability to “play gate” videos, that is, lock them mid-play with an opt-in form, which is particularly useful for those looking to build an email list.

The Good and the Bad

So should marketers drop their subscriptions and switch to Vidalytics? Not quite.

AmpiFire believes that Vidalytics is for a very specific type of marketer. “Vidalytics is all about conversion. Sure, you’re given a vast amount of customization options to tinker with, but the ultimate goal is to convert—and this software can help you with that,” it wrote.

Data is another selling point, it said. Vidalytics’ analytics capability allows users to see which part of the video is generating conversions and which parts are getting ignored. AmpiFire said that this aspect alone may justify a purchase for marketers keen on a data-driven approach.

If you don’t identify with the above, you may want to stick with what you’re currently using. AmpiFire said that Vidalytics’ most advanced features require a subscription—starting at $79 monthly—and those looking for a more straightforward tool may find the sheer number of customization options quite overwhelming.

But if conversion is what you’re after, Vidalytics matches your investment with a video hosting platform with a level of customization not available elsewhere.

“If you want the best results, even with the extra effort of setting everything up, Vidalytics is the clear choice over any other video player,” it said.

This content is provided in partnership with AmpiFire and is intended for informational purposes only. The views, opinions, and advice expressed in this article are solely those of AmpiFire and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of any other individual, organization, or entity.

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