Phoenix Multimedia Content Campaigns For SMBs: Get Seen On Major News Sites

May 30, 2024

Phoenix-based Content Marketing Media (480-788-7036) will help you get seen by millions of potential customers with its unique content campaigns.

They tell you: ‘Build it, and customers will come.’ But let’s be honest, simply offering the best services isn’t enough anymore. Today, you need a reliable and effective way to spread the word about your business. 

Sadly, achieving significant brand exposure can be tough – that is until Content Marketing Media enters the picture. Want to see how they can help? Book a free consultation at 

Reach Millions Of Potential Customers 

Content Marketing Media provides a cost-effective way for smaller companies to expand their reach. They publish branded, hyper-local content on trusted authority websites like the Associated Press, Yahoo, and MSN, ensuring your business gets noticed. 

Their expert team handles the entire process, from keyword research and ideation to content creation and distribution. 

Achieve Brand Omnipresence 

Their content campaigns level the playing field, giving you the same exposure as larger companies. With a distribution network spanning over 400 websites, Content Marketing Media helps you achieve brand omnipresence – a key factor for boosting brand recognition.

According to recent marketing data, over 68% of all search engine clicks go to the top three organic results, with consumers seeing these businesses as trustworthy. 

By getting you featured on popular media platforms, the agency increases your chances of ranking highly on Google and other search engines, positioning you as a leader in your industry. 

Expertly Crafted Content 

You will receive hyper-targeted content delivered by a team that includes professional writers and marketing experts committed to significantly boosting your online profile and telling your story in a way that builds trust. 

Each content campaign includes:

  • a news article 
  • a blog post
  • a podcast 
  • a slideshow 
  • an infographic 
  • a video 

A recent client shared their experience: “Josh and his team are truly skilled in content marketing and great to work with. I highly recommend them for any business looking to elevate their marketing game.” 

Now, you can reach millions of potential customers on platforms they trust without spending a fortune. Ready to boost your brand? Talk to the team at Content Marketing Media to get started.  

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