How & When To Book A Whale Watching Tour In Hawaii: Full Guide For Tourists 2023

Nov 15, 2023

Are your traveling to Hawaii, hoping to see the world-famous whales that surround the islands while you are there? The Hawaiian Island Travel Network can help you find a tour that is right for your budget and schedule.

Let me paint you a picture:

It is early morning. The sun is just cresting the horizon, a pale ghost peering through the cool air and blooming the sky a shy rose hue. You are clinging to the guardrail as your boat is tossed by the surf; you have never been to sea, but the feeling grips you as if you had sailed 1000 times before. It is exhilarating. Your mind hums with anticipation. Beneath you in the brightening aquamarine surf, primordial beasts are stirring: the largest animals on planet earth, only metres below, and rising.

Suddenly, a dull roar as the ocean heaves up, a dark shape eclipsing the sun and deposing it as the king of the sky, if only for a moment. This is the humpback whale, majestic in its might, and yet gentle as a lamb. So smart, so curious, so powerful - you grin as the beast impacts the water, the salty spray washing over you in a cloud.

You have lived.

Now, tell me: wouldn't you like to live?

What if I told you: you can!

You can see the whales for yourself; it has never been more affordable or easy to do so, and the Hawaiian Island Travel Network can help!

Their new guide explores the majesty of the humpback and will walk you through the whole process of booking, attending, and enjoying your whale-watching tour off the coast of the Hawaiian islands.

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This new publication joins a large volume of articles, lists, and guides penned by the Hawaiian Island Travel Network on the many things to do and see while in Hawaii. If you are planning a vacation in the near future, their site can be your one-stop shop when setting your itinerary.

This new guide opens with a few facts about the North Pacific humpback whale, one of the largest whale species in the world. These whales call the waters surrounding the Hawaiian islands home, and form the basis of the many whale-watching tour options that can be found on (and around) Maui and Lanai.

The guide then goes on to discuss how and when you should book your whale-watching tour. Tours vary in price and duration, and the guide is intended to help you make sense of the many options available while also giving you reminders about proper safety protocols that must be followed when approaching the massive animals in the wild.

The Hawaiian Island Travel Network continues, explaining what you should likely expect from your experience on your tour. As with any experience involving wildlife, these encounters may be highly unpredictable, but patience - as the guide details - is often rewarded with unforgettable memories.

When it comes to choosing a tour from the many available options, the guide offers 5 key tips. Primarily, the authors of the article encourage diligence and punctuality - as well as motion sickness medication, especially if you are unaccustomed to spending hours at a time on the open ocean.

The majesty of the humpback whale is unmatched, and if you are headed to Hawaii any time soon, it's something you aren't going to want to miss. Read this guide and learn how you can experience this one-of-a-kind event for yourself!

This guide is one of many attraction-specific articles hosted on the Hawaiian Island Travel Network site. They have also penned material on the famous coffee, thrill-seeking opportunities, and golf courses available across Hawaii’s 8 inhabited islands.

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