How To Monetize An AI Prompt Engineering PLR Course As An Online Business

Apr 5, 2024

With the Tech Tycoon course from RCS Digital Ventures, you have all the assets you need to create a thriving online business around AI – and become an instant authority!

If you've seen all the interest in AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney over the last year, you're probably wondering... how do I get in on this?! Well, the answer is with Tech Tycoon – an AI PLR course that you can sell as your own from RCS Digital Ventures!

Become an instant AI expert at

Rebrand the course as your own

You can fully brand the course with a unique logo, and if you have specific subject area expertise, you can add this to the existing content, but expanding on the material is not required to succeed or gain traction quickly, the creators explain.

The global AI market currently sits at over $196 billion and is forecast to reach around $300 billion by 2026, according to research from Exploding Topics. As organizations across industries invest more heavily in AI adoption, they require guidance from experts - and Tech Tycoon allows you to position yourself as an AI authority.

Video, ebooks, graphics & more

Tech Tycoon is a fully developed AI course with a multimedia curriculum combining video, audio, graphics, and more to fully immerse students. Your customers will gain insight into cutting-edge AI tools and how to incorporate them into business operations and marketing campaigns.

One of the main offerings is an ebook overviewing key AI concepts, current platforms, and practical use cases. The video modules dive deeper into getting the most from tools like ChatGPT, while the course also includes slides, infographics, and audio segments summarizing need-to-know material and results-backed strategies.

Become a go-to leader in the AI space

The overall goal, according to the RCS Digital Ventures team, is to help you grow your audience and establish credibility in one of the fastest-growing niches online today. Tech Tycoon’s full personalization toolkit allows all the content to be easily tailored, so it can be used as a membership site focal point, bonus offer incentive, or as part of a lead magnet bundle.

Discussing the PLR course, a spokesperson states: “With this course, you can become an authority fast - skip years of learning, and instantly position yourself as an AI expert.”

The AI revolution is here, and you can get in on the action in a big way.

Check out for instant access!

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