AI PLR Opportunity Makes Turning In A Profit Easier For New Entrepreneurs

Feb 23, 2024

With everything you need to start your own business selling AI courses – even if you have no experience in the field – Tech Tycoon is making it easier to make money online the smart & easy way.

You don't have an AI product, you don't have an AI business, you don't even know exactly what AI is, but you know it's where it's at - so how do you monetize any of it?

The answer, of course, is you buy the rights to sell an already in-demand product - learn more at

What is Tech Tycoon...

Tech Tycoon by RCS Digital Ventures offers DFY opportunities for new entrepreneurs looking to branch into AI-driven private label rights (PLR) ventures.

With full access to an AI in marketing course, complete re-branding options, and DFY sales materials, you'll benefit from a tried-and-tested AI product that will deliver value to your target audience – while positioning you as an expert in the AI field, even if you have no previous knowledge or experience.

... And Why You Should Care

With AI opening up new business possibilities in sectors ranging from education to technology, implementing it in new business ventures is increasingly more attractive for small entrepreneurs, explains Tech Tycoon founder and marketing expert Richard Sambrano.

And while 95% of all AI products will fail, using pre-tested strategies can give anyone a solid foundation to build on – and Tech Tycoon’s PL’ai’R aims to do just that.

What You Get

The course gives you instant access to:

  • a complete training guide on mastering AI-based marketing;
  • an immersive video course that you can customize with your brand designs;
  • customizable business presentation slides to easily promote the product.

You'll also get full access to the source files, which you can re-brand with your designs – and Tech Tycoon also offers access to an audio-only version of the course, plus DFY graphics to make the re-branding process easier.

How To Monetize It

You can sell the course individually or add it as a bonus to existing offers – with full customization and complete rights over it, the numerous possibilities are designed to help you create a versatile brand-exclusive product.

Not Happy? No Problem!

If you feel the product doesn't meet your needs, Tech Tycoon offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.


“Having recently completed Tech Tycoon, I can confidently say that this digital course is a game-changer,” said a satisfied client. “With its top-of-the-line content and user friendly format, it's perfect for both tech enthusiasts like myself and those looking to break into the AI industry. What sets Tech Tycoon apart is not only its step-by-step approach but also the fact that it includes PLR rights.”

If you're ready to start making money online with AI - without wasting resources on products that are doomed to fail - check out Tech Tycoon at

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