Honduras Bourbon Gourmet Coffee: Experience Organic Med-Dark Roast at Home

Jun 13, 2023

Enjoy rich flavors from premium coffee beans straight to your doorstep – with no sacrifice in tastiness or freshness.

At the heart of Boss Brew Coffee's lineup, there's a new gem: their single-origin Honduran coffee. It's a treat delivered straight to your door, free of shipping charges across the U.S.

This premium organic blend, available in both coarse and medium grinds, enriches your senses with an intense aroma. The distinct notes of caramel, spice, and brown sugar are an invitation to savor every sip - and yep, that's your official excuse for a coffee break in the afternoon.

When it comes to sourcing, Boss Brew Coffee gets its beans from the best. The company focuses on five specific varieties: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, and Typica. These beans have made a journey from Marcala, La Paz, an acclaimed coffee-growing region in Central America, and also the first to earn the Protected Origin Denomination for coffee.

Such a designation isn't just a tagline - it's an assurance that the coffee is characterized by, and can't be separated from, the region where it's produced. Marcala, one of Honduras' six prime coffee-producing areas, has an influence that's distinct and unreplicable.

The beans grow at elevations of over 1,350 meters, which means they're Strictly High Grown, which means they're simply way more tasty because of the slower overall growth process. The unique geographical profile of Marcala — its mountainous terrain, altitude, clay mineral soil, and temperate climate — contributes to the striking flavor profile of Boss Brew Coffee's Honduran blend, characterized by a fusion of spicy and caramel notes.

Now, let's take a peek at the processing. Honduran coffee undergoes a method known as wet processing, a popular choice in Central America. It's an efficient sorting mechanism, allowing farmers to differentiate ripe from unripe beans swiftly during the immersion process - and the result is a flavor profile that remains untouched and authentically Honduran.

From the roaster to your doorstep, Boss Brew Coffee underscores its commitment to fresh, premium, organic coffee. Free shipping across the U.S is a delightful perk, but the real spotlight shines on the ethically sourced, USDA-approved Organic Certified coffee. Roasted and shipped the same day, it's available in an array of sizes, including 12oz, 1lb, 2lb, and 5lb bags, and also comes in standard, espresso, coarse, or whole bean varieties.

For more about Boss Brew Coffee's Honduran blend check out https://bossbrewcoffee.shop/products/honduras

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