HNW And UNHW Individuals Can Secure Second Passport With New Service

Feb 16, 2021

In a global world your passport is more important than ever, that’s why a UK based financial advice firm has launched a new secondary passport service, helping HNW and UNHW individuals benefit from greater security.

In a 2021-and-beyond market, wealth is not enough. If you want to secure your future and the quality of life of future generations it is imperative to consider acquiring a secondary passport from a highly indexed and stable country. While the process can be challenging, ADL Estate Planning is here to help. 

ADL Estate Planning, an international wealth management firm based in the UK, has announced a new secondary passport advice service. They are now assisting well-paid professionals and asset-rich individuals that hold passports with a lower international passport index to secure a more powerful second passport, and thereby secure a more stable future.   

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The launch of this new advice service coincides with the increasing instability experienced in global markets due to the ongoing pandemic, which has also made plain a number of global disparities.    

As such, ADL Estate Planning, is now offering consultation services to high-net-worth (HNW) individuals and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals, such as yourself, who currently hold a low index passport but who can further transform their wealth and security through the acquisition of a higher indexed passport.  

Research indicates that the benefits of acquiring a secondary passport are manifold. Some of these advantages include securing better work opportunities and better educational opportunities for your children, as well as better access to public healthcare, retirement benefits and visa-free travel.

Another key benefit of acquiring a second passport can be escaping geopolitical risk and other regional or local instabilities. 

Therefore, ADL Estate Planning now provides advice to interested HNW and UNHW clients about the various secondary passport options, including for the three internationally strongest passports: Japan, Singapore and Germany, which would allow you to travel visa-free in as many as 191 countries. 

They also assist you throughout the process of obtaining your chosen secondary passport, offering a number of alternative solutions such as Portugal which enables full access to the EU and residency within six months from an investment of only $300,000. 

In addition to these secondary passport services, ADL Estate Planning continues to offer their full suite of financial advice and intergenerational wealth management services from business succession to IHT planning.

ADL Estate Planning was founded by international wealth manager Mohammad Uz-Zaman, a holder of dual accreditations in wealth management and trust planning. The company was founded based on a desire to provide individuals with advice about how best to protect their family and to structure and secure their wealth for the benefit of successive generations.

Founder Mr Uz-Zaman said of the now $25 billion dollar second passport industry, “a second passport or residency must be part of any international wealth management advice given to HNW and UHNW clients holding weak passports.”

Although countries throughout the Middle East and Asia are in some cases thriving economically and are trying to attract international investors, ADL Estate Planning argue that there is no substitute for the stability and safety that comes from European and similar passports.

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